Three Lesions, Three Lives: Brain Lesions That Changed Science

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

The brain is a complex organ - we still don't know how it all works! A lot of what we do know actually comes from brain damage survivors. In this video, we explore three individuals who experienced traumatic brain injuries. Through unfortunate circumstances, they revealed amazing things about localization in the brain and how different parts of your brain serve different functions. So find out more and help continue on their legacy.

Also, keep an eye out for upcoming videos that will be going over the basics of neuroscience starting the summer of 2015. We are excited to expand the neuroscience field on YouTube!

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This is one of the best videos I have seen ;( :) thank you for describing these things

Author — Alex Soto


I have so many lesions this is interesting to see. Having mri soon again for a pituitary adenoma, I hope it’s not concentrated there so I know if I’ve gained more of my many lesions

Author — Ryan Paladino


For whatever reason, the realization that we are our brains, and they are so poorly protected, made me cry. Weep is a more accurate term.

Author — Sarah O’Hern


It's not a joke it's about the brain is important

Author — Kay Gee


Make a video about executive functions please!

Author — Release the Kraken


My daughter has a brain lesion from meningitis and it has destroyed her life

Author — ACIE WHA


Neuroscientists are no normal beings. Lol love this video!! Tks

Author — brain on sleep


Looks like Phineas Gage gave doctors the idea for the lobotomies...

Author — cyb3r kitsun3


I thought this channel was more popular

Author — Eric Che


The music soundtrack is really distracting in this video, takes away from the really great info.

Author — Sara Cunningham


Femenist? Hats men? Why the short hair?

Author — Just in