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CrossTalk | QUARANTINE EDITION | Media Hellscape 5

The collapse of the Russiagate hoax has exposed – yet again – the unprofessionalism and bias of the corporate liberal media. The same media consistently project their own claimed values and political preferences. Facts and even the truth are conspicuously absent in their news reporting.
CrossTalking with Kim Iversen and Joe Concha.

#RT (Russia Today) is a global #news network broadcasting from Moscow, London, Paris and Washington studios to over 100 countries. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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Love Kim! I wish Jimmy Dore would have her on or go onto her show. They would do well.

Author — branden burks


American media was never accountable for all the lies and wars they started from Iran to Russia China Venesuelans Iraq to Serbia shame on USA media they support economic genocide truth is very far from them.

Author — Mile Dukic


The stranglehold israel has on the USG is never even alluded to

Author — david toorchen


Glad to see Kim in the program, love her show.
Bless you all

Author — Salvador nuñez cuevas


Russiagate was a psyop to many goals... One of which was silencing dissent online, and creating algorithms that hid inconvenient truths from the masses. Censorship is now fully in place on all social media now, because we have “guardians of truth” making sure of that.

1st Amendment destroyed ✔️
4th Amendment destroyed ✔️

Do any of us really believe that now the lie is exposed they will roll back those “security measures”? Of course not... Just like the NDAA, Patriot Act, or the “temporary” suspension of the gold standard, when America went financially bankrupt, and has been sinking into inescapable debt ever since. Anyone who believes ANY government “official narrative” has ZERO historical perspective.

Russiagate was never about protecting Americans... It was to protect the owners and their lapdogs from Americans. Pitchforks are coming, and I hope everyone practices their aim... These people must be eradicated!

Author — Virgo Atheist0971


We must de Zionized the mainstream media.

Author — Amir Fahmi


Kim Iversen just turn this segment into a Crosstalk Hurricane!

Author — Green Ethan


Russiagate is funded in whole or in part by the US Government 😎

Author — boaty mcboatface


Remember it was John McCain another devil got involved in Ukraine.

Author — carole carroll


Wow Peter sure takes long to ask his questions. I fell asleep waiting for him to finish his first question to Kim 🤦

Author — Co Ragoo


Peter tried a home haircut and balls it up. And had to just take the lot off. No too bad though!

Author — Ever Ready


"What is the purpose of journalism?" Create cash for your Network or Newspaper - no matter how!

Author — Dries Analog


Keep looking over in that direction. (Russia) Because we (US Deep State) Don't want you looking at us! And what were up to!

Author — Shaun Halliwell


So whorporate media is fake. What else is new...?

Author — Deep Space


Another amazing show, and Kim is fabulous! Thank you so much for having her on!

Author — Kasia R


Peter, your show, and Duran seems to be on the up, and up, thanks

Author — Marion Page


kimi! always glad to see you guest on other quality podcasts. 😄

Author — Troy Walker The Progressive Proletarian


Peter Lavelle's show is great as always. Great guests and epic intro :)

Author — qwertyuiop zxcvbnm


Yes I agree I want to be there with everybody else for the coming out party of “unnamed source”

Author — Kevin Tewey


Journalism: dog treats by and for the allegedly literate.

Author — liberakis