60 MINUTES PURE AVIATION - AIRBUS A380, BOEING 747 ... - AVIATION Review of Year 2019

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60 MINUTES PURE AVIATION - AIRBUS A380, BOEING 747 ... - AVIATION Review of Year 2019 4.5

For the cold winter days I edited an aviation review of year 2019 with 60 minutes pure aviation. All my aviation highlights of this year are included in this video, like a few Airbus A380`s, Boeing 747` s and even a Tupolev TU-154. It was a splendid year with lots of interesting aviation highlights and I would like to thank all of you for watching my aviation videos in 2019. I hope to see all of you again in 2020.

I filmed all of these clips at various airports in Europe, like Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Liege, Maastricht, Skiathos, Hamburg, Amsterdam and many more. My personal highlight of the year was the Tupolev 154 which visited Cologne on a special mission. Another highlight was the Boeing 747-400 of Kuwait Airways which landed at Enschede Airport in the Netherlands. It was the last flight of this Boeing 747 and now, 7 months later the B747 is already gone.

Thank you for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.

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2:17 looks like an absolutely amazing place to spot.

Author — Luke Ayers


3:14 rip antonov landing on its front wheels

Author — The Cop Kid


I keep rewinding the video to watch and believe the landing at 0:35! Look a the guy/girl with the green pants; immobile!!!!

Author — horacion


14:25 Two buddies trying to catch their flight!!!

Author — amani mdami


2:07 that's a camera, nice video footage.

Author — demendez


The first plane looks so satisfied with itself’s landing.

Author — Toning Tony


It always amazes me how so few wheels can support that much weight inluding touchdown shock when landing.

Author — joe woodchuck


que bonito es lo bonito... grandiosas cámaras, excelente tomas! felicidades!!

Author — David Rogerio


0:44 that was a very early landing in the touchdown zone

Author — wass de craic


Greetings from South America, Chile. Very beautiful and attractive video.
Thanks for the job.

Author — Solo Sigis


Great video. Thanks. Best I've seen so far.

Author — steve mackey


Moins de bruit à chaque nouveau modèle, on s'entend de mieux en mieux. Bravo à l'industrie !

Author — Eric De Vos


Dinheiro não mifax falta as comprinhas sim chegou as compras mamãe a graveto chegou.

Author — Creuza Aliete da SIlva


I am envious my friend, you get paid to do this. you get paid to go to a job you enjoy. how do i know you enjoy it? it shows in the quality of your work.

Author — yamahonkawazuki


4:10 they admit it's a flying Beluga. 🤣

Author — dobie gal


gente que perigo e as pessoas ficam gravando bem perto delas

Author — JOSE SABINO Pereira


Amazing video! Awesome images with planes! Good work! Thumbs Up
Greetings from Romania

Author — LDEGM Trainspotter


I didn't think they could activate reverse thrust without weight on the main landing gear the aircraft 9:05 proves me wrong.

Author — Scott Baines


Wonderful replay @ 3:30 As well as a complete credit to the entire video. 5*
Thank You.

Author — Derek McCormack


Qué lindo video ...!!! Puros despegues y aterrizajes .. !!! Muy lindo, gracias por compartirlo. Saludos desde Bolivia

Author — Leidiz Mirtha Morón Cortez