The X Factor Celebrity UK 2019 Martin Bashir Full Clip S16E01

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The X Factor Celebrity UK 2019 Martin Bashir Full Clip S16E01 4.5

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Bashir, Bashir... I will never forgot you how you humiliated Michael Jackson.

Author — IanDe PuesDe


I would've never thought that snakes can sing? I will never forget what Martin Bashir did to Michael Jackson!

Author — Rafaella Andrea


WTFF happened too Simon teeth, his strange

Author — michel van der zwan


How the hell was he picked over Olivia?

Author — poop


who searched for this because he hemuliated Michael Jackson

Author — Genesis Matthew Edrosa


I just can't stand this guy! Why do they call this man?
Horroble person

Author — Lulu 7133


I've never seen Simon so happy and stunned to see someone 😅

Author — Janet Fran


Wtf this guy can not sing...all those notes were flat af😂 even that vibrato attempt was bad

Author — Mista _Wo


This is NOT "Celebrity" X Factor. I don't know ANY of these people!!!! The ONLY "celebrity" (who hasn't done television for over 20 years) I recognized was Rickie Lake. And they voted her off. As usual, Simon Cowell is CHEAP on hiring REAL CURRENT Celebrities.

Author — rvpstudioscanada


No offence but Olivia should have made it to the final she’s actually in my opinion the best but Martin sounded quiet bad

Author — Great Videos


Martin Bashir is a horrible person. Should never work anywhere again.

Author — Παιδική Γωνιά


I really wanna slap Loui so all that and he goes "I didnt think you'd be that good" ....*rolls eyes* . Learn how to judge without being judgemental.

Author — Ruben DeAngelo


I didn't watch the X factor, as soon as I heard that Sewer Rat Martin Bashir was on I turned it off. Didn't know Rats could sing and apparently he can't. What he did to Michael Jackson is beyond disgusting pretended to b a friend and then threw him under the bus as soon as he had a chance. Michael was so honest with him and again he trusted the wrong Snake. I still watch Michael on you tube 2020 and will always be a fan until the day I die. I am putting Martin Bashir in the same category as the other Sewer Rats mainly Oprah Winfrey, James Safechuck, Wade Robson and Dan Reed. MAY THEY ALL ROT IN HELL.

Author — Anne Huggins


"I've been a broadcast journalist for 36 years.. but throughout my life I've been obsessed with..." [now, *enter* the 100% & totally unexpected *45°!! turn* Mr. Bashir took *right* after that, right then and there!! 😱]...
*..."REGGAE??!!* 😯

i mean i've watched the journalist in him do reporting for many, many years! and i saw him at Simon's Malibu house during the auditions but thought:

no, totally out if context - can't be him.. must be a look-a-like because *why* would Martin Bashir be in the States @ Simon Cowell's Malibu property??.. and at *that* particular event, to boot!!

wow.. that was unexpected..what to say, *now??* never would have guessed!.. but just goes to show:

everyone has dreams. 😄😆🤣😃
and he did good!!👍

[his brother... ugghh! that hit hard, so emotional.❣️ ..and on a lighter note: did he have on an earring, too??!! that's *it!!" never will i assume i can imagine what's possible for what can be in another person's heart.🤦🏾].

Author — roxanneworld11


Sometimes with so much shit in this world and fighting to stay true to your morals in a world full of corruption I feel like just giving up even bothering to stay honest when everyone just shits on you anyway - but something about this human being with his integrity through his hardship has given me reason to keep the good fight and keep being as honest as I can in a world full of selfishness and deception. In all honesty...Not many has moved me the way he has.

Author — Hails


I mean I really thought he was going to sing some Michael Jackson!!



Gave me all kinds of feels!! Thank you for uploading the full version. It is so courageous of him to go up on that stage - so glad Nicole S to point it out. Loved watching this!!! Made my day.

Author — Juanita Rasiah



Author — AC sketcher