Guide to Glob Pattern Matching & Extended Globbing

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00:00 Preamble
00:45 Globbing
02:42 Extended Globbing ('extglob')
03:57 End

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I tend to use the * pattern matching a great deal (dont use regex) thanks for showing the use with brackets neat

Author — Don


Another educational video that I will definitely have to refer back to in the future

Author — Zaney


Right! That's some neat tricks. Will need to have more coffee and watch this again. I do use LS as a search tool so adding this would help...
Thanks for the video!

Author — Bruce Scott


You know why 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
It's the ASCII code for *

Author — Loren Sims


and 30 minuets later I realize I had switched to zsh ...

Author — Patrick McLaughlin


I dont even understand what is this but I will watch

Author — joelchrono12


Could you just slow down a bit? You lost me at the beginning of the video when you said difference between gl** tching and ***tching I tried to re-watch it several times but can't understand what you are pronouncing

Author — SO 1291