New Drone Registration Rules for DJI Mini & Mini 2 - Jan 21

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The new rules for flying drones come into effect 31 Dec 2020. The UK Civil Aviation Authority have new rules to match the new EASA rules and now you MUST register your DJI Mavic Mini and Mini 2 or risk a big fine for flying illegally. It's pretty easy and I go through exactly how to register your drone and get your Flyer ID and your Operator ID.
Note: There are now 40 questions for the Flyer ID online test and lasts 5 years

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Bit of a loaded question, but what do you think of the new rules for the Mini & Mini 2? Should it stay under the radar for registration?

Author — Ian in London


I feel RC cars sales will rocket next year unless they also need driving license for those too... hahaha

Author — Richart Asia


What I really need to know is. Can my mini fly into tier 2 from tier 3? Or will Boris make a new rule that says that it only can do so with one other drone on Diwali or similar religious event? As long as it's not Sunday and you own a ginger cat of course

Author — Jay See


so not really bothered if you can fly safely, they just want the money. hmm typical
All the best Ian

Author — Groovy M33rkat


Dam-it mate ...I’m moving to fly kites now !!!🥱

Author — Rum Zombie


Just use a 200ft pole with a GoPro on the end. No regs - problem solved 👍😉

Author — Wilderness Detour


Hum...seems similar to paying a yearly registration fee car owner pays, regardless if you drive the car or not.

Author — Juan Zayas


Bummer Ian! Figures they would catch up. Only a matter of time before it happens to us in the USA.

Author — Ocean State Drone


Could you do a video regarding any new do's and don'ts about the mini 2 in the UK. Flying at night, near people/buildings etc. Great informative video BTW.

Author — peter harkins


Excellent explanation, informative & keeping it simple as always, keep up the good work thanks👍

Author — Stephen Knights


Thanks I just registered for the Operator and also did the flyer ID, I never even knew

Author — Shaun Mann


Thank you Ian, this clip is very informative!

Author — Flying_Tourists20


Thanks for the heads up Ian. All the best mate.

Author — Bvon Strat


Thanks for the update Ian, just took the test and passed. registered for both. Wouldn't have known if not for this video.

Author — Kevin Foster


Probably the clearest explanation yet, many thanks.

Author — Richard Sweet


All makes sense to me, thanks for the clear advice

Author — Steve Kingswell


Thanks mate for the information. I got my flyerID today. Good work.

Author — karthik sivakumar


Eagerly waiting on your video to cover the rules for the Mavic Air 2.

Author — wilted


Great video, cheers Ian. Just saw this info in my email inbox from CAA. As per usual with the CAA the words "Pis*up & Brewery" spring to mind!

Author — Nick Cooper


Thanks for the heads up Ian, took the test and and paid...👍🏻

Author — Dave NEScot