Strange Double Bass Foot Technique explained NEW!

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This is a tutorial of the Heel-Toe Single Stroke double bass technique. Enjoy!

This is a new and much better version of the legendary "Strange Double Bass Foot Technique explained!" tutorial.

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More than 1000 videos included!!!

Thank you all for your support!!

Author — Wanja [Nechtan] Gröger


For the especially dense (me), remember to make sure the beater swings back at the end of the downstroke, before the upstroke. Really focus on the feeling of it, and eventually you get a sort of swinging feeling with your feet, where you can progress forward.

This technique is so cool and unique and actually really fun to mess around with, thank you for this tutorial!

Author — AmNeenja


Very interesting and useful technique. Great job as always!

Author — David Folchitto


this is so detailed and well explained. just great great content.

Author — Itiswhatitis


You look more friendly in this video than the old one. This was deeply explained than before. I like the previous one because the bass has not trigger on it but well, seems you mastered the technique and took it faster!

Thanks for the explanation!

Author — aditussomnus


No one else explains these techniques as good as you man. Fantastic job

Author — lord_skavenger


That bass drum technique is so fast, but looks so effortless! Incredible!

Author — Brent Sabel


You’re an excellent teacher! Great video!

Author — Sam Ayres


Thank you so much for this! I'm really considering joining your school. With drumming tempos "above humanly possible-per-minute" on the drums, it's quite amusing to hear you speak so clearly and calmly :-) Everyone can follow, and you keep it very interesting!

Author — Thomas Terp-Madsen


Crazy playing!!! Also the school preview lessons are great, can't wait to see the full version!!!🤘

Author — Norman Ceriotti


Been using this technique cause of learning it from you last June. Super fun once u get it going. Yay for showing how to utilize " constant release" technique on a double pedal. I think more people would use it if they just knew it existed. Or at least that's how I felt.

Author — Richard Skalnik


You're a really good teacher man! Great stuff

Author — Martin Lopez


This is an awesome video, I’ve been searching for a video for ages to finally learn a great technique for double bass and I’ve finally found the video, keep up the great work man I absolutely love it 🤘🤘

Author — Jack Randall


I've been working on this technique for 2 years now and my top consistent speed is 230 bpm. Thank you for making a new version of this video

Author — LLdrumr


Probably the most effective drummer on youtube

Author — Made Ari Poeger


Cant thank you enough for this. You are a great teacher brother 🤘🤘

Author — maschinemademan


this is an awesome technique I'm gonna use from now on!! thanks nechtan, keep it up :)

Author — LVS


"If your chin muscle start hurting you're doing it right" - So important you said that.
That is the most painful part of drumming for shure but it's definitely worth it!
Thanks Man!

Author — Jack D


I actually started using this motion out of pure accident while re learning the ankle technique at slower tempos. It felt very comfortable but I’m still going to keep trying to nail singles at all tempos before switching techniques and messing with my muscle memory but will definitely pursue this in the future

Author — Colton Kramer247


Damn this was a great explanation of the Heel-Toe technique!!

Author — Omar Quintanilla