Stocks will retest lows despite Monday's sharp rally: Canaccord's Dwyer

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Stocks will retest lows despite Monday's sharp rally: Canaccord's Dwyer 4.5

Canaccord Genuity's Tony Dwyer warns there will be a 'frustration phase' with the pandemic that will send stocks back to lows. With CNBC's Brian Sullivan and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.

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All all know this market is not based on numbers or facts, everyday gets hyped with no actual support or reality.

Author — Amir


Can this guy let the guest talk, how to be a host 101

Author — Ralph


Investing the last decade is less about economics, ratios and earnings and all about what central banks will do next. What a terrible way to invest.

Author — Keeping it Real


Nothing can stop this market. Breaking News a comet will hit earth in one month, CNBC Analysts : You know this could be a good time to buy stocks, lots a value in the market as people are selling. Trump : Everybody calm down, we have a freaken missile with a laser beam pointed right at the comet. Breaking News Stocks Surge on promise to hit comet. Amazing, we are living Peter Pan Land

Author — Rafal Matlok


I love Tony Dwyer! I have been listening to his analysis since 2004. He's usually spot on.

Author — Dean


Tony is the best!!! Follow him since year 2000

Author — Marco


"I'm not scared enough"
tunes into nbc
Ok I'm good

Author — Julius Morgan


I wish there was an age attached to every post on this page.

Author — Scott


BoJo is in the ICU, we are in a full blown depression and the market went up ?

Author — Trent Petersen


When S&P hits 1800 than consider buying some stocks.

Author — RAZ


You didn't mention much about the Fed. If markets start to tank, the Fed will prop it up at any cost.

Author — Paul Coba


Half the world is unemployed and the market goes up? Smells rotten.

Author — Perky B


we have been here before. . . at least 5 times in the past month alone.

Author — Curt Randall


Agree with this guy and sold my remaining cyclicals into today's rally, leaving me with a defensive portfolio of stay-at-home stocks. I think the virus is going to hang around for a long time and bite back as soon as social distancing is relaxed.

Author — Marcus K


The market right now is pricing in everything, even hope

Author — IMDOC78


Just started my short position today. Felt like the risk reward is appealing to me.

Author — ray allen


It's all going to be manipulated like crazy...but I just want to see how they manage to put a floor under Real Estate once many, many more of the falling dominoes are recognized.

Author — J Garcia


I wonder how many ppl got heartache during stay-at-home bcz of stock market fluctuations.

Author — Thomas Chau


Bear market trap. Why wont they just call it!?!

Author — buzzcrushtrendkill


I'm staying 90% in cash. If we have a v shaped recovery, we'll be back in the bubble. The true crisis will unfold some day sooner than later, feds will not have any more tricks up their sleeves.

Author — Lemonade