Getting into Syria as a Tourist 🇸🇾

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Getting into Syria as a Tourist 🇸🇾 4.5
Part 1 of 4 in my series: Tourist in Syria

In this part you will see:
-Summary of my travels to get into Syria
-Flight from Singapore to Beirut, Lebanon with Ethiopian Air
-Stopover in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
-Charles Helou bus & taxi station in Beirut
-Shared taxis from Beirut to Damascus
-Border between Lebanon and Syria
-Visa for traveling to Syria
-Entering Syria

4 part series of my 2018 trip to Syria:

(1) Getting into Syria as a Tourist

(2) German Tourist Exploring Damascus

(3) Tourist attending Syrian Wedding

(4) How to travel to Syria?

#Damascus #Syria

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جنة الارض هيا سورية وخصوصا اللادقية لانو فيها بحار وجبال 👌🇸🇾❤🇸🇦

Author — يارا ياعفو الله


Love from Iraq
I lived in Syria for 6 years
Iraqis like 🇮🇶🇸🇾🇦🇲
Iraq, Syria & Armenia MESOPOTAMIA

Author — FAHID Iq05


Welcome to syria 🇸🇾🇸🇾❤
From Damascus ❤❤

Author — Bakr Bambouk


Great video 👍
I’m from syria I have not been in Syria for eight years 😢

Author — Binklo 10


Syria looks a lot better in this video than what the News makes it look like . 🇸🇾

Author — Random Person


Syria is one of the most beautiful countries of the Arab people and respected people
Radhi shouker
Iraq bagdad🇮🇶🌹

Author — Radhi Shouker


I’ve travelled to Syria three times in my life, and let me say they were all amazing experiences.

Author — Gabby Diego


God Bless Syria and the People of Syria. May there Be Peace Soon,

Author — Curtizz Larsen


Love Syria 🇸🇾 Now I live in France ( not because of the war ) and sorry for my bad english

Author — * jane *


Syria is beautiful. Thanks for the vid!

Author — Arcana Imperii


Great video. Syria will be beautiful city again.

Author — สุฐิวรรณ คํามีรัตน์


I'm from Syria and you're welcome in our country at any time, my friend! I hope you enjoyed your trip there! ❤

Author — Shadi Carmona


Welcome to syria, hope you had a great stay

Author — MrMaa2007


انا حاسس مافي غير السوريين بيبحثو عن بلدن يوتيوب ههه الاجانب مو مهتمين
هامش:وانا من سوريا

Author — Hamada Loss


Come lebenan soo good 🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧 syria soo good noo lebenan soo good

Author — Omar Alezzi


Syria would be the next destination of my wishlist country.i am so excited to be in.i hope there would be a wonderful one!

Author — afitz mohd yusoff


I'm Dutch but my parents are Iraqi. Love to our Neighbour Syria 🇳🇱🇮🇶🇸🇾

Author — X8NE


love you dude, you’re an absolute legend

Author — daxonds1


What a great video, awesome work. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day:)

Author — Gosia R Home Cooking


Great video🌹and welcome in syria. 💙But i have a question where are you from?

Author — Gbran Abo Gaze