Foreigner - 1977 - Foreigner

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Track listing
"Feels Like the First Time" (Mick Jones)
"Cold as Ice" (Jones, Lou Gramm)
"Starrider" (Al Greenwood, Jones)
"Headknocker" (Gramm, Jones)
"The Damage Is Done" (Jones, Gramm)
"Long, Long Way from Home" (Jones, Gramm, Ian McDonald)
"Woman Oh Woman" (Jones)
"At War with the World" (Jones)
"Fool for You Anyway" (Jones)
"I Need You" (Gramm, Jones)

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Everyone talks about how the 80's were great and they were but the late 70's was so awesome also! I was in high School 77-80 and there was Foreigner, Styx, Rush. Aerosmith, Doobie Brothers, Van Halen, so many greats just starting up and others giving their last hurrah!

Author — dadauto1


This was the greatest time in my life and the music definitely contributed to this! Let's hear it for FREEDOM and NO WORRIES! Wish we could do it all again!

Author — Susie Simmons


Class of 77', this is what real rock sounded like then...

Author — Lonny LeGrand


i was so blessed growing up as a teenager, when this album along with boston an others came out

Author — mike KROFT


Plays like a "greatest hits" their Very 1st record Debut!

Author — Roger F


0:01 Feels Like the 1st Time.
3:53 Cold as Ice.
7:18 Starrider.
11:21 Headknocker.
14:27 Damage is Done.
18:44 *Long, Long Way 🏠* .
21:42 Woman, Oh Woman.
25:35 At War with the World.
30:04 Fool for You Anyways.

Author — Kris Santos


I was at Tower Records in Hollywood went across the street to play pool when I heard this album. It still rocks

Author — Nicholas Albert


My senior year, 78-79, riding around with friends during free period getting stoned and listening to this on cassette! Good old times!

Author — Brett Lambert


The late sixties and seventies had the best music ever BAR NONE!

Author — Jeff Cohn


Their no music like the 60 and 70 I so glad I was born so I could be here for this

Author — Dora Burris


Class of 78. Golden era. Skills. You had to be able to sing and play for real.

Author — D. Cronk


What a great band! They were so awesome in concert.

Author — Pam Abert


I still have this album and I just listened to it all the way through lol.New music got nothing on this classic album.

Author — Kool Kitties


Great to hear this again. But there’s just something missing compared to needle meeting vinyl.

Author — Jay Andrews


Every song on this album is great memories yay

Author — Caryl Squires


Foreigner is one of the great bands of all time! ❤️🤙🏻

Author — Marilyn Baylis


43 years old here. Just got off a beautiful yet FREEZING ride this mornin. Clicked on “Foreigner” youtube and wham👊🏻! This gem came on. First time ive ever heard the full recording- Classic Rock stations need to play more than just the hits! This is pure awesome

Author — jay tee's Gear Garage


One of my first albums . My first serious girlfriend turned me on to this band and loved their first 4 albums. Great music
Takes me back to good memories.

Author — Scott Kunasek


one of the all time great rock albums, ever producd. Us old heads, called them albums or LPs back in the day. Fuckin' Hell, Im old😂

Author — Laurence A.


I'm embarrassed to admit I don't believe I've ever owned any Foreigner albums but 70's radio was all amazing music because that's what we had and I know all their songs because of it.

Author — MKS Land