Iran admits accidentally shooting down Ukrainian passenger jet

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Iran admits accidentally shooting down Ukrainian passenger jet 4.5

Iran has backtracked by admitting it "unintentionally" shot down a Ukranian airliner, hours after launching ballistic missiles at two US bases in Iraq to avenge the killing of its top military general Qassem Soleimani in an American airstrike.

Iranian authorities had spent much of last week claiming mechanical failure was behind the crash.

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Iran shows that when it gets angry, it never fails to punch its own face.

Author — Horatio Moonraker


Americans killed by Iran since vowing revenge: 0

Iranians killed by Iran since vowing revenge: 82


Author — Callum


America: kills Iranian general

Iran: kills plane full of its own citizens in retaliation attempt

Author — Jason M


When "whoops" doesn't quite cover it.

Author — john hansberry


Imagine if they had been able to send an accidental nuke somewhere...

Author — Coby Benzoir


Maybe Trump's Iran travel ban wasn't such a dumb idea after all

Author — Joe Chiato


They are basically saying "oops" and that's it

Author — Adam smithintin


I feel so sorry for the families touched with loss.

Author — Andries Stander


They should pay compensation to the families of the victims, like the US did when they mistakenly shot down an Iranian civilian aircraft in the 80's

Author — Rob


Can one imagine nuclear weapons in the hands of the Iranians....

Author —


.. bless...
The Dems were just in their stupid again mode wanting to blame TRUMP for it...

Author — mark larkin


"regrettably a plane has flown into a missile" Justin Trudeau Jan2020

Author — Radley2612


The Iranian Regime army can't even tell the difference between a commercial flight and that of a cruise missile and they want the world to allow them to have nuclear missles???

Author — OVI-Wan Kenobi


Well, if it comes down to a shooting match between US and Iran, I think my money would be on the US winning.
The world has moved on since 1979. Iran has not.

Author — Jay Devine


So they accidentally shot down a Ukrainian plane a few minutes after it took off?

So the Iranian military weren't aware there is an international airport a few miles away with the plane probably on a set flight path which has been used by previous airlines?

Of all the aircraft they could have shot down, they hit a Ukrainian jet.
Iran's ally Russia must have been very upset?

Author — lee eldridge


they have been lying for day's. . . 👹

at first they said it's been a technical fault on board the airplane.
secondly they said we haven't shot dawn the Ukraine airplane.

thirdly they accused the west of conspiracy then refused to hand back the black box for investigations .
Iranian leaders only care about a terrorist general sulimani and not the 63 Iranians who died in stampede or the 176 passengers (most of them Iranians ).

also iran still denying the targeting of oil tankers and aramko in the golf .

why should anybody in this world believe or trust the Iranian regime .

Author — frank world


Imagine what America would have done if Iran had killed their top general.

Author — Anon Anon


They look so cold with the fault of so many lives lost because of their amateur actions. Shame on them.

Author — Teddy Sheckler


People keep flying their planes into Russian missiles

Author — Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Trans Rabbit


I think that’s why they’re angry. The only smart general they had, died and the rest are stupid. Killing their own citizen.

Author — Elmer Diaz