Inside Look: MSR Elixir 2 Tent

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Choosing between a small pack size and a livable tent space no longer has to be a hard choice. The Elixir 2 weighs only 2.2kg and features an impressive amount of space in the main sleeping area and dual vestibules.

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💬 Comments

Every product review should be like this!

Author — Daniel Rödel


Best reviews on gear you could possibly get, cant wait to get one of these now

Author — Dan Johnson


Best demo and description of this product.

Author — Philip Jessup


Excellent review, thank you. I now want one.

Author — Welsh Warrior


What a great review, bought one here in Australia because of your excellent explanations. Hi

Author — Delta Mike


I have used my Elixir 2 a few times over the winter and its a lovely tent. Nice place to be. It can also be pitched outer first using the ground sheet to support the poles, fly over that, crawl in and pitch the inner. Tried the outer pitch first my self in horrible cold rain and worked fine, bit of a faff but kept the inner dry.

Author — dwardo1066


Excited to see a review of the tent we bought from Trekitt and took on the Tour Mont Blanc! A great compromise between weight and cost. Loved the double entrance. Used one for kit and one for access. Great headroom for internal living on the one night it chucked it down with rain. (Still not sure how my 14 yr old and I managed to play i spy for an hour!) Seemed a bit more robust than the hubba hubba which was a bonus too. Didn't experience any real condensation issues and managed to even pack it up inner first the morning it rained! Great affordable lightweight (not ultra) tent. Dolomites next summer!!

Author — Gavin


Great review of the tent. Love the fact that you can do away with the inner as well to give you a basic shelter and save weight.

Author — Col of the Wild


Great review. Exactly what I needed. Cheers.

Author — mybakingtray


Great in-depth review, no others like it on YouTube. I'll be buying this for my cycling tour in France this year.

Author — Exploring Habit


Very helpful video! thank you so much! How did you get that colorway for the tent fly??

Author — Devin Hardy


Use the outside part to have a Wood burner; toasty

Author — Xxx Ccc


Bought this tent after watching this video.. Been out wild camping in it about 10 times over the last few months and absolutely love it outstanding tent great value for money👍👍

Author — Andrew Bissett


looks great!! would you say it's stronger than the Hubba Hubba (with it being heavier and that)??

Author — Ignacio Gonzalez


Have been looking for a new tent for a while now but thanks to this video I think my search has finally come to an end! I loved the amount of detail in this, everything that was spoken was everything that needed to be heard. Very excited to get a weekend away in this cracking shelter! Cheers for such an informative video.

Author — Xavier Aubad


Hello, nice video, thanks for sharing! We have been looking into buying this tent for hiking and backpacking as it seems a really good quality but we are a bit concerned about weight. So we wandered what part of the weight we could leave at home and not carrying. We can´t find any information on the web about the weight of each separate part that goes in the kit with this tent. Would it be possible for you to say the weight of the footprint and pegs separately? And what would be the weight of only the rainfly, tent body and poles together? Thank you in advance.

Author — Walking Nature World


Hi I purchased this tent after watching your video clip, can you confirm your fly cover is green and the one I purchase is kind of greyish is this just down to country purchase?

Author — James Douglas


I've had this tent for exactly this 1 year now. Gone through lots use with lots of wind, rain, and thunderstorms. It has held up great. I love it. Rainfly on mine though is red and light grey.
Excellent review.

Author — Adventures With Becket & Xena


bonjour msr elixir 2 ou salewa denali II ? merci

Author — Leo777


I want this for cycle touring, i can't afford the Hubba NX 😔

Author — SR81K9