Kashmir After 370 | Politics of silence or new dawn?

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Kashmir After 370 | Politics of silence or new dawn? 4.5

The political vacuum created by the abrogation of article 370 is perhaps the biggest challenge ahead for India. While on the one hand, former mainstream leaders remained under detention for a week, new claimants to power have emerged on the scene. Should the government of India attempt to manufacture a new political class in J&K? Speakers include:-
Amitabh Mattoo, Academic and ex minister level Advisor, Government of J&K
Shashi Tharoor, Parliamentarian, Author and former Minister, Government of India
Ram Madhav, National General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party
Barkha Dutt, Journalist and Columnist, Washington Post

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Sameer saran should start crowd funding for noise cancellation mics, feel sorry for financial state of the ORF. 😑😑

Author — Aditya Singh


Too much background noise. As many have suggested, kindly invest in better microphones.

Author — Yadvendra Singh Deora


May I offer some suggestions:
1. Invest in good quality audio system, hire an audio operator for events. Or have a staff do this role after learning basic audio operation. It is not rocket science.
2. No mic switched on, except the speaker's.
3. The people present to move their faces away and cover mouth while coughing, snorting, chortling etc. This is basic courtesy in all situations.

Author — KP P


looks like bharkha Dutt hasnt changed much... her question of 80 year old Farook Abdullah create nuisance in the valley is appalling... no need to watch till the end... nothing important is being discussed here... same old bjp bashing....

Author — mxn 3031


Barkhas body posturing is also left leaning ..

Author — Aneep Sanjiva


Thank you ram madhav for your contribution in abolition of article 370

Author — Nayan Sharma


In every such indian discussion, there are some who cough non stop. They apparently forget that cough syrup just before the discussion.
Or they think this is the only way their presence will get noticed. Anybody coughing should be asked to leave the room.

Author — vivekyadav1


Too much noise for a conference of such order

Author — akash jena


Please reduce back ground noises. It's really very annoying.
The ORF debates are very well conducted as they present the view from all sides.
These debates are way better than over noisy useless TV debates, where a viewer cannot arrive at any conclusion.
Thankyou for making these debates available on YouTube.

Author — ravi shankar Rai


Who's making so much noise?? Really intolerable audio

Author — Kumar Raj


Very healthy & civilized debate... Much needed 👍

Author — Waqas Khan


Really need to put some investment in proper venue and mics.

So many people crammed in a small room. Expect a lot better from ORF / Sameer Saran.

Author — CityLab India


is b.dutt now working full time for washington post?

Author — Purnendu Kaul


1) The main cause of separatism in Kashmir is the 2-nation theory (which says that Muslims cannot live with Hindus) and Article 370 was the channel which gave hope to the separatists on their slogan of "Kashmir banega Pakistan"
2) Radicalisation of the Kashmiri Muslims since 1990 has been caused by the ability of the separatists (incl. armed militants) to sustain an open anti-India stance to introduce an Islamic Sharia type rule (Nizam-e-Mustafa), where Article 370 created a doubt among all Kashmiris that maybe the separatists are right and the Indian democracy is wrong
3) Terrorism/armed militancy since 1990 was able to take root because of Pakistan's ability to exploit the Kashmiri's sentiments that the Kashmir issue is 'disputed' or 'unresolved' citing the presence of Article 370 and India's reluctance to hold a plebiscite on Kashmir as per UN resolution of 1949.

Author — Vikram Razdan


Such a splendid conference and poor audio quality, a waste conference for audience !?

Author — Saleem Hashmi


Paa miti hun.

Badaeya kam kita.

Bus kuttaya na hun jail to bahar kadae.

Jab tak jail wich kutey un nu daily maroa jhutey

Author — naveen sharma


Can not find little big room? Seems all sit very closely and uncomfortably?

Author — Malli Anumula


Everyone is coughing, snorting, and doing all sorts of noises. WTF?

Author — Divyansh Jain


so much noise of pens pads whatever it is. Please clear out audio

Author — Gaurav Bachhav


Seriously Barkha, none of the Panel members from Kashmir? Debating Kashmir situation without Kashmiri representative🤔

Author — Misbahuddin Mohammad