Customs Agents Find Smuggled Drugs | UK Border Patrol

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Customs Agents Find Smuggled Drugs | UK Border Patrol 4.5

UK Customs Agents find smuggled drugs inside candles and other contraband in people's luggage. These hard working men and women work every day to keep the UK safe from smugglers.

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💬 Comments on the video

Imagine if the narrator had been in the same room as the microphone that was recording his voice.

Author — acoow


is no one bothered about the fact the voiceover is much quieter than the music

Author — Alora Bullers


Why is this chick not wearing gloves when going through their bags?? Gross for her and the owner of the bag

Author — Eric Bergeson


Customs agent: "where are you coming from from?"
Dude: "Jamaica"
Closed captions: "Montego Bay"

Author — Nriracha Sauce


“Put some gloves on and look professional” exactly! None of them wearing gloves. Disgusting and unprofessional!

Author — Anna


I like how even he agrees its a waste of his time to bust cannabis.

Author — John Clark


This is so relaxing to watch before flying to England to your girlfriend.

Author — Bence Szabo


"They've pleaded guilty and now have to swallow a long prison sentence." Narrator takes no prisoners. Ruthless.

Author — Katie Lauchlin


We don’t deserve these dogs. They’re so good, do so much for so little reward like a tennis ball. Bless her soul! Good job girly! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Author — Tima


It's rush hour in Gatwick, and officers are handing out free Cocaine.

Author — Idaru


Imagine someone coming over and asking if they can plant a bag of cocaine in your bag for training purposes

Author — Captain Obvious


Why aren't they wearing gloves? That's so gross.

Author — Rachel Gibson


Are the drill bits cleaned thoroughly after each use? Why are't they wearing any gloves?

Author — Lavwren Beeh


They'll be sorry the day they touch fent with no gloves

Author — Kyle Williams


200 grams of weed inside that one candle? I beleive that's overestimating it ALOT. xD and this is how viruses and flu spread. Not wearing gloves, touching dozens of peoples random shit a day. Gross.

Author — EK SlendySoul


So they pay their best employee with a tennis ball?
Where is the union when you need'em.

Author — David Wittberg


“She’s gonna sniff some boxes and some sacks, see if she likes any of em”

Author — sailorkid94


*pasenger* “burps” *border security* “We are going to have to arrest you for importing controlled drugs”

Author — Fanasic


Why don't the officers wear gloves, like seriously why?

Author — freshpussy100


I’d carry drugs just so I could play with Lucy :(

Author — Jorge Ayala