kennyS explains the DIFFERENCE between PROS and FACEIT PLAYERS

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Hey hey everyone. Here's the NEW video from kennyS stream where he explained the difference between CS:GO PRO PLAYERS and just a Regular CS:GO Players. Hope you enjoy the video!!))

Kenny "kennyS" Schrub (born May 19th, 1995) is a French professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and a former Counter-Strike: Source player. Known for being a former Counter-Strike: Source player, kennyS is currently playing for G2 Esports as a main AWPer.
He is considered one of the quickest and most skilled AWPers, if not even the best AWPer in the game. He is regarded by many, fans and players, as one of the best on his position.



kennyS explains the DIFFERENCE between PROS and FACEIT PLAYERS
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You dont even have to be level 10 to understand not to let awp alone tetris. Awper has to go out last or before the last, depends if in the after plant he plays form site or from ramp

Author — DIMI


Salut Kenny, tu est vrement le meilleur en awp srx

Author — Lutark


Pro player always calm and play fun until Kenny had bad time die 😂

Author — AWO™


Hes not super comfortable with the awp that much anymore but he is still the best of all time

Author — Chris Smoove


The man who inspired me to use the awp he isnt as good anymore but still huge inspiration to me

Author — Caleb Games


Arguably the best awp player in the world

Author — Ivan KARAMAZOV


Is he playing on stretch or its only stretched on stream and hes playing black bars?

Author — Ferga


like although kenny can hit some crazyshot but seems kenny often miss some easy kills do anyone feel the same?

Author — Micacat米卡貓


Like in the sport everybody's like here everybody havkzzz

Author — Marko Dvorak


belittles faceit players then gets bopped

Author — V random


Guys i need kennyS viewmodel and crosshair Right now i need help give me plss.

Author — DreamyCyrus


artfrost LMAO hes in another pros stream

Author — Dash


what is the fps show command that he uses that also shops map name

Author — catlakprofesormfb



Shit game tbh. Unlucky most of the time same here.

Author — theginbay


He is not as good as he used to be at AWP

Author — JC


nice cheats :). how much a month for those ? one day you will all get what you deserve and we will be happy and delivered from this shit lie.

Author — Mr Chair


And this KENNYS PRO PLAYER dying by a Faceit players LOL what a PRO is Kennys

Author — Tonality


I don't hate him but he missed a lot of shots in this game. But still his baby fans won't agree.

Author — Harsh Prajapati


pros dint hafe 2 face cheater evry second game they yust hafe to deal with other pros witch is maybe sometimes even harder 2 play against but mutch more predictable and if not you can even learn something in faceit ist yust new account bashing and testing how has the best legitcheat 2020

Author — Diplom Chiller


From the month September 2020 i'm facing an issue that csgo game getting auto disconnected every 5 - 10 mins after getting into the competitive matches, Deathmatch & Casual. Other than these lobbies i'm not disconnected in training and workshop maps. My game is getting auto disconnected only on Public matchmaking.
I'm having very good ethernet cable internet connection with 10 mbps download and upload speeds. But I don't know the reason why my game is auto disconnecting every 5 - 10 mins in any competitive matches.
But other than csgo, everything is working fine and I can use Steam store and stuffs without any problems. The problem is with the game after the major recent update.
You can tell that my internet is not stable, but I can watch streaming on Twitch with 720p without any lags. My ping in csgo is very decent and i'm getting 20 - 50 ms ping level. Please help me on this issue, most of the players are facing this issue. But everyone is helpless on this concern. Even the valve is not responding on this issue.
For your reference, I've attached a Youtube video link which describes this issue ellaborately,