President Trump's Full, Unedited Interview With Meet The Press | NBC News

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President Trump's Full, Unedited Interview With Meet The Press | NBC News 4

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President Trump's Full, Unedited Interview With Meet The Press | Meet The Press | NBC News

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Title should read Donald Trump full interrupted interview with meet the press

Author — Carama Gambino


Can this "journalist" actually let President Trump answer?!

Author — Andrew Grotheer


When the interviewer is speaking more than the person being interviewed that says a lot.

Author — Polly Monopoly


bro this guy is a horrible interviewer Jesus he won’t stop interrupting him hahah

Author — DeathHazared


‘ How Many People Will Be Killed. ‘

Now that’s how a president Should sound like . Sir Donald J Trump, Respect !

Author — Joshua Philip


Thank you NBC for running an unedited interview of Trump. I'm not a Trump fan but I do want to hear his complete thoughts not just sound bites.

Author — Michael Agresta


Jesus NBC, THIS is who you chose to do the interview?

Author — Jimmy Gangster


The most disrespectful, immature interview I have ever witnessed. Chuck Todd should be moved to weather or traffic.

Author — William Conner


This interviewer is clearly possessed by ideology. Not a Trump fan, but Jesus dude, you couldn't be any more obviously biased Chuck Todd.

Author — Andrew Floeter


Have some respect, Chuck. You're interviewing the president of the nation. Unbelievably unprofessional.

Author — iLiveExtreme


I am not a supporter of Trump, but Chuck is a terrible interviewer.

Author — Matthew McClelland


This interviewer actually made trump look better in trying to make him look bad lol

Author — Satch Teixeira-McC


TODD: "Do you think you've been more successful in business, or the presidency?" TRUMP: "Well I can't be more successful in politics, I ran once and I'm President right?"

Author — Huxxy


Every time he interrupts Trump, Trump gets another new voter

Author — TheUniversalAcid


Oh.. come on Chuck!.. Let him answer!!.

Author — s.bridge lim


why are the interviewers so rude by nbc and abc? I feel like they wouldn't interrupt Obama nearly as much

Author — Lance B


Chuck: loss
Trump: win
Leftist media underestimates this president. Trump 2020

Author — usnav2424


Now let’s hear the Donald interview Chuck. 🤪

Author — Chuck W


This is classic fake news. You ask a question then don’t allow a response just so you can get your 20 second clip.

Author — WesleyAPEX


He's going to steam role 2020 and im a Democrat.

Author — James Johnston