Can Amazon Succeed In India?

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Can Amazon Succeed In India? 5

Amazon just opened its largest office building yet in Hyderabad, India. The new space represents the company’s commitment to the Indian market, where it faces steep competition from Walmart-owned Flipkart. Despite recently introduced regulations that make it difficult for foreign-owned e-commerce companies to compete, Amazon is adopting new retail strategies as it looks to India as its next major growth market.

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Can Amazon Succeed In India?

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Buckle up India, we got 10 years worth of discounts left

Author — Uday Rathod


Everything is good but the Amazon's App is awful, I don't know why such a big company has a app like this. It feels like we are shopping in windows 98.

Author — Yashohit Shukla


Amazon will win but Apple will never ever succeed in India. Please the consumer, win the market.

Author — Macgyver de Quadros


1:14 “the country recently rolled out its 4G network".
But I have been using 4G since 2015 in India. Always One or more wrong facts in these news channels.

Author — Sudhir Kumar


amazon vs flipkart
uber vs ola
swiggy vs zomato/ubereats/

at the end consumer wins

Author — Reeshabh Jain YT


Amazon will eventually win, because they don't care about losing money. They will lose money until they gain the majority of market share.

Author — The1Heart Live


one amazon is shrinking whereas other is expanding

Author — Shujath Hussain


I need the ads you have shown in the video. Please let me know where it is available.

Author — Jajabor Music


Amazon is a success. Cuz it has focused in towns and smal cities as well

Author — Prince


*"Amazon has already succeeded in India"*

Author — Legend Emperor


Oh boy, step 1 in world domination. Decades later even my underwear has the Amazon logo

Edit: I see Amazon learned from Nestlé's mistake in India by establishing local shops to connect with the rural communities

Author — 天吉Mark


India and China are the best places to sell your products.

Author — Chi chan


Amazon prime is great success too!
Best subscription

Author — Lucifer-mahiravana-ibless an INDIAN


6-7 yrs of 4G is called just rolled out? Damn

Edit: everyone is interested in this comment so I'll share useful info, 2012 India had first 4G phone launched by Huawei and later iPhone 5 was the main stream massly adopted phone, 2012 is when this happened, so that's how old 4G is in India.. 3 years after USA. Not bad, 2009 in USA was the same testing period so yeah

Author — Abhijit Biswas


Tittle should be Can Amazon succeeed in India, till Mukesh Ambani storms the E-commerce industry?

Author — Abhishek Kathiat


Amazon might've started the E Retail store in 2014, but they set up they're office's in India well before that, way back in 05'. The reason they're doing well is because they've spent nearly 9 years in understanding the market!

Author — Raptor Fast


BBC is crying after seeing this video.
But thanks CNBC but CNBC can you show some new sides of India like Gurgaon cyber city, greater Noida, Kolkata Newtown not only poor sides, thanks.

Author — U r a JoKe


15k “workers”?! You mean people or employees. The next sentence referred to American employees as “people”.

Be compassionate. And stop propagating stereotypes.

Author — Swaathi Kakarla


To win Indian Market You have to Lose on ur Profit for a while....

Author — Vivekananda N


Flipkart is the reason Amazon is burning

Author — area 51 Guard