Royal Caribbean: Video shows grandfather knew window was open

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Royal Caribbean: Video shows grandfather knew window was open 4.5
For the first time, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines is telling its side of the story. They are releasing video of a toddler’s deadly fall last year aboard one its ships. David Begnaud reports.

The "CBS Evening News" premiered as a half-hour broadcast on Sept. 2, 1963. Check local listings for CBS Evening News broadcast times.

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I like how he wipes his eyes but there aren't any tears.

Автор — Debra Congram


Of course they want the video removed. It proves they are full of it.

Автор — qtpie488


Soooo the family wants the TRUTH removed, so they can proceed with their LIE🤔 Thank goodness for cameras.

Автор — Derrick Stinoski


Selfish adults all the way around. Something was off with this story from the start. All the parents wanted was a money grab.

Автор — c d


The video shows he clearly knew the window was open. He leaned out first then picked her up and held her out. He is clearly at fault.

Автор — Doc Moto


That's one disgusting family!!! Thank goodness for the video. Puerto Rico was right for charging the grandfather. He clearly knew that window was open, GUILTY!!!

Автор — Angel S


Please don’t show the truth! It’s interfering with our false narrative and will blow our case!

Автор — Dan Anderson


Such a liar! He clearly was exposing the girl outside the balcony.

Автор — Pedros1and2


He is a cunning greedy STEP grandfather with fake sobbing act. 100% Guilty

Автор — Johnny H


That is homicide! I don’t see how the ship is responsible for a man dangling a toddler over the railing. He murdered that poor baby!!

Автор — Steel Rain


I generally do not comment on a tragic situation like this but the end of the story compelled me to do it. The family wants the video removed from the record? Sure, and when criminals are caught on camera or something is caught on police body cams, they should also be removed. What a ridiculous request but that is all they have to stand on for their lawsuit. The video is evidence and it sure looks like grandpa leaned far enough over the railing to see and maybe even feel there was no window. I'm a grandfather also and common sense says you don't go beyond the safety rails. The news is reporting on a possible settlement? I would not pay a dime other than burial expenses to the family if it was in their heart. Cruise line does not appear to be liable.

Автор — Digital Web Strategies


He's just making things worse for himself by not taking responsibility...

Автор — Feeber Izer


I am still trying to figure out how the cruise ship is suppose to be held liable for something that took place due to pure ignorance and negligence on step grandpas watch

Автор — Marsha Arias


NOBODY can lean out of a CLOSED WINDOW. The video is the property of the cruise line, so the family has nothing to say about it.

Автор — Mordorian Queen


So they are going to keep blaming the cruise line after seeing this?

Автор — Mrs.Nickadeemus


This lying STEP-grandfather should be charged with manslaughter.

Автор — Ralph


Yeah I'd want damning evidence that directly contradicted my version of events removed from the public record too. Grandpa needs to get sent to prison.

Автор — Victor Blüd


I still don't understand how the cruise line was negligent. The footage clearly shows the grandfather leaning over through the open window and then picking the little girl up. As a parent, this is heartbreaking, but removing myself from those feelings, there was unfortunately no negligence on the cruise line, it was negligence on the grandfather and the fact that the parents want this video removed from public viewing and public record, that speaks volumes. Just a sad situation all the way around. That poor little baby.

Автор — Kimberly M


They doesn't really care about their loss and who to blame. They just wants the money from RCL.

Автор — Mawi Najmi


Very happy that Royal Caribbean is defending themselves and came out with their statement. They owe that family NOTHING.

Автор — cameplaitbeaucoup