[TTB] PES 2018 - Upcoming Patch Details & More!

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The patch sounds good! It looks like they are really getting into the refereeing and goalies which is awesome. Thanks a bunch for going through the patch notes! :)

Also I'm sad to hear you are having a flu. Hopefully you get better soon! :)

Author — Zamppa86


The increased fouling is a great response by Konami imo as one of my small gripes with PES is not enough injuries like in real life if your star player got injured for a set amount of time it'll force you to use lower rated players or maybe you need to invest in another player .

Author — Craig Barlow


Adam Bhatti tweeted there is more coming next week but the gameplay patch is arriving before as in player switching etc .
So i'm guessing next week we might see data pack 2.0 with the Emirates stadium, boots and maybe more player faces etc Adam Bhatti seemed very excited about this so good news .

Author — Craig Barlow


The AI fouling and giving away more free kicks is a must for me I've been on about this since release date I've played 5 seasons master league now on superstar and Legend and ive had zero penalties and about 10 direct free kicks so thats nowhere near good enough for having played well over 300 matches, so this patch if Konami get it right is long over due in my opinion the rest of the game no major issues all though cursor change can be really annoying at times.

Author — Mr AP


I'm giving it a fair trail to see if it's a certain pattern of play that I need to adopt and not a bug for example I'm trying to read the game early to highlight and position my players accordingly but honestly most of the goals I've let in so far my defender has been to far from the opposition player and to slow to highlight to do anything so hopefully that will be fixed.
I had the same experience with FIFA last year I still haven't finished one season with it. The most fun I've had with a FIFA game was FIFA 7 and 8 on the PS2 but I was of the few that didn't mind FIFA 16.

Author — NLT31


The patch seems very good, could make the game so much better.

Author — Kakarot


There is a glitch with the goalkeeper I'm pretty sure where small dinked shots always seem to beat them when you are one on one, a lot of players exploiting it online. I hope the goalkeeper patch they are talking about helps fix that problem. Use those night and day time tablets for a cold, they always work great for me btw.

Author — Sean


We want more stadiums like Emirates and legends for my club

Author — Daniel Lees


Have you come across friendly matches in masters league. Fifa this year is a good game and the gameplay is much improved it’s more like pes last year just with the fifa spin. Plus there is the interactive transfers.

2k have been a mess with patch’s for wwe but the gameplay is the best it’s ever been but like you said the bugs and broken universe mode still aint been fixed on pc it’s had a patch on pa4 to fix a lot. The universe cut scenes and rivalries seem to have gotten better.

Author — Rob Dunhill


Personally I've played both games. I think you shouldn't use previous years to judge fifa 18. It's enjoyable for a pick up and play overall soccer games which fits the fact that we don't have as much time like when we were younger to play games.

Author — Seyi Onabolu


well, i hoped they would do something against the spamming high balls from the ai when in attack

Author — Great King Rat


Really hope the patch is actually good

Author — FaDeDChromaticz


I've commented on these defensive issues many times, and i love how people were responding saying the issues aren't there and saying the usual 'your just rubbish at the game' etc.. yet, here is Konami acknowledging the issues and issuing a fix!!

Author — Chris Kendall


Agree with you about games being released the last few years. Full with bugs and most of time just a little update of the last relased game. So it's not interresting anymore to buy or play new games...

Author — MrTahref


hey ttb.... are the barcelona legends from pes 17 still in game this year ?? you know ??

Author — funcky43


Increased fouls would be a bloody godsend for me. My question will defenders come up for corners?

Author — Joolz1982


I haven't even had an injured player in two seasons.
Also, my keeper ended up smacking it into his own net with his fist after the ball gently rebounded off the post.

Author — Kurt Tomlinson | Compositions


It's funny, I feel the same way as you when it comes to gaming nowadays. I'm older, married with a kid on the way, and I just can't find the time to play the games every day and really stay sharp. Then when I do sit down to play, especially sports games, I'm honestly pretty bored because they're so similar from one season to the next. Minor gameplay tweaks and underwhelming presentation upgrades just aren't enough to keep the fire burning year after year.

That said, I stumbled upon the Witcher 3 last month, on sale for $20, and honestly it's more engaging than anything I've played in a long, long time. Might end up becoming my gaming swan song, but if so it's truly a worthy send off.

Author — trza49er


Nothing about how OP through balls over the top are....

Author — Timmy Shagpile


Any new update on the latest patch release yet?

Author — Stevie J