Loving my new tent! (MSR Elixir 2)

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Just a quick video of my first impressions of my new tent, the MSR Elixir 2

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Hi glad your liking your new tent ! They are brilliant! Always use the footprint because if you put a hole in the bottom your going to regret it big time !imagine the cost of replacing the bottom part huge!! And patches well will just look horrible! One tip for you always carry seam seal because even tents of £700-£1000 don’t seem seal there tents ⛺️ only some do so it’s worth while having it in case !wet gear is a nightmare!enjoy your 🏕

Author — lex


the same feeling I have in my cloud peak 2 and lanshan 2. I love the room. great video dude..

Author — The Southern Woodsman UK


I've just bought this tent for when we come out of lockdown... Is still in your eyes a great tent??

Author — Dean Saif


I bought the Elixir 1 based on your review of the 2 and it’s been great so far - setup in the garden. For my first pitch I did fly pitch first onto the groundsheet with inner clipped on afterwards to keep the inner dry. Worked very well, so I’m surprised to see so many reviews complaining about this tent being inner pitched first.

Author — J McC


If anybody is considering buying this tent then do it!
I have same tent(elixir1).
For the price it is very good!

Author — BigBy Wolf


Great tent review and video. Looks a solid tent.

Author — Alan Haddy


I would take the footprint just to help the longevity of the bath tub groundsheet avoiding abrasion.

Author — Ipswich Cycler


Great video bud! Really nice looking tent ⛺ lovely and clear guide so thank you. I think the thing I like about a footprint is that it takes any mud and muck from the ground and keeps it off your tent and isolated to the sheet which is easier to clean! All the best mate and thanks for sharing

Author — Arbour Outdoors


Great tent for short stays .. if you plan weeks away from home in the highlands . Go for the hubba simply because the noise of the thicker elixir flysheet crinkling and crackling in the storms will drive you bananas .. but for summer awesome kit ..

Author — joe kelly


I don't even need a tent, let alone a "sexy" one but I've found myself looking online for the best price! 🤣 Great vid. 👍

Author — Nigel Goater


I agree with time - when out wild camping take your time and enjoy the outdoors. Unless it is absolutely lashing it down!

Author — Phil Clarke


I spent 6 years camping under a tarp and I was lucky to get it set up nice in 30 minutes under Ideal conditions (I used a fairly complex set up). When I tried tenting I loved the quick set up time, I'm even happy if I can set up in 15 minutes so I think its kind of comical when I hear some tent users complain about how it takes them a whole 6 minutes or whatever to set up a tent. If it takes you 10 minutes to set up this tent I'd say you've done pretty good.

Author — Rocky Mountain bushcrafter


I told you it was epic mate - so glad you rook my advice buddy. It'll suit you well over the years and what you want to do.

Author — The Northern Nomad


I grew up around hunstanton in norfolk is that where you went? It's a brilliant place to camp even though there are signs saying its not allowed.
I think if you're respectful of the environment then it doesnt matter, I'm thinking of getting this tent, i laughed when i saw we have the same weighing scales

Author — koudacyen


Cracking tent mate, just a wee bit too heavy for me, im still waiting on the Lanshan 2 to arrive from China ! Great Vid 👍

Author — John hilton


Great video mate, I really like the new tent and I’m really pleased your happy with it 👍

Author — Bulldog Badger


My thoughts about footprints are that they are the wrong thing to have. They are designed to protect the tent floor. That is a lost cause - ALL TENT FLOORS WILL LEAK/SEEP/OR WEEP moisture and water. Accept that, and change the aim from protecting the tent, to protecting the camper.

From your local hardware, get a piece of visqueen that is at least 1 foot longer, and 1 foot wider than the inside measurements of the tent. Cut it to that size. Fold it up 6” along all four edges, miter the corners, and duct tape those corners. You now have a waterproof bathtub to keep YOU AND YOUR GEAR DRY. I have had hard rains produce water so that it had penetrated the tent, and was visible as it puddled in (or ran through) the tent. I and my gear remained dry.

The plastic bathtub might weigh a few ounces more than a footprint. But, it weighs considerably less than a soaked sleeping bag.

Courtesy of Half Vast Flying.

Author — Jack Voss


We recently bought an Elixir 2, and absolutely love it! We were thinking of the Hubba Hubba but chose the Elixir because it seems much more durable. The pockets are really handy, we put our phone chargers in the side ones! Great video!

Author — Not Another Adventure


Great video and I have to agree its definitely a sexy looking tent.
Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures.
ATB Dan. 👍👍👍👍

Author — Camping Dan85


Looking at buying one for me and my 7 year old son, I currently hammock camp but for simplicity sake want a tent for the both of us. Great review, Thanks.

Author — Dan H