Shockingly Brutal Police Tactics Deployed Nationwide As Protests Unite Americans Of All Backgroun…

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Shockingly Brutal Police Tactics Deployed Nationwide As Protests Unite Americans Of All Backgroun… 4.5

American citizens in 430 towns and cities took to the streets yesterday to peacefully protest systemic racism and police brutality, while stepped-up enforcements of curfews created alarming scenes of violence against the demonstrators. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #Monologue

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Funny, I don't remember the police being this forceful when the neonazis were strolling around.

Author — Danklord1986


This is the first time in my almost 52 years that the content of a talk show brought tears to my eyes. Try to stay safe America. Canada loves you all, well all but a select few. You know who you are. Even our prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at loss for words the other day when ask about the situation in your great country. A Trudeau at a loss for words for 21 seconds that I never thought I would ever see.

Author — David Munro


When fascism comes to America it will be draped in the flag and carrying a cross.
- Sinclair Lewis

Author — Snotty Scotty


"The biggest story continues to be the one you thought about when you weren't sleeping".
Yeah when I was sleeping I dreamed that Trump was assassinated by Trevor Noah with a golf club.
I quickly double checked when I woke up.

Author — GregTom2


This is giving me PTSD from the Gilet Jaune protests here in France. An astounding number of people lost eyes and hands. Those are maiming weapons, don’t be fooled by the word rubber.

Author — Caz Murrell


The police resort to brutality towards protesters who are protesting police brutality. You can cut the irony with a knife.

Author — Timothy McCaskey


"I understand what diabetics is."
🤦 Oh, good god!

Author — Fauler Perfektionist


This is the only way I can stand to get the news. Has to be heavily doused in punnery. Thanks so much, Stephen. You may not be happy you didn’t get into politics but We the People are much happier to see all these terrifying events unfold with enough humor to avoid just being completely uninformed. You’re helping me. I haven’t watched tv news since 9/11. And Cory’s awesome. Gonna go watch that one now.

Author — katherandefy


Useless trivia: America's actual 430th largest city - Avondale, AZ

Author — TimBob Fuckpants


Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To hold up a Bible in front of a church.

Author — Bruce Gardner


“The biggest story happens to be the one you were thinking about when you weren’t sleeping last night.”
Damn Colbert you hit the nail on the head.

Author — Leslie Roycroft


Just letting y’all know, as cool as it was to see those Houstonians on horseback, as soon as the media cameras were off, police wanted to go home and started arresting and beating peaceful protesters. It was still daylight outside.

But yeah, Houston cowboys are pretty awesome. Despite the police, I love my town.

Author — Suadela


Loving those handsome young brother's going Western Fighter For Justice on Horseback in Big Ol' Texas !

Author — Nicholaus Buthmann


In Buffalo, the police shoved an elderly man to the ground just for talking to them. The elderly man was unconscious and was bleeding a lot from his head. The police kept walking on by until witnesses told them that the man was bleeding. The police then proceeded to arrest a witness and stop a news crew from filming the incident.
This is the state we're in when Americans vote for a fascist dictators admiring narcissist to be president. America is turning into 1940's fascist Nazi Germany that Americans' fathers and grandfathers died fighting against. Why do you think supremacist groups support Trump so strongly? This November 2020, redeem yourselves and save America.

Author — PointingOutObvious


Mattis has moved to my "Hero" column.

Author — Susan Thomas


I lost it at "Ass force one" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Juan Dominguez


still love this show but I think it's time to put that weird joke aside, where Colbert says something then dances and the deep voice says something stupid, and takes too long to say it. It was really funny the first time this was done but has been getting more and more annoying since.

... yeah, I know it's not what's really important right now but needed to get that off my chest

Author — Devin Lewis


“I understand what diabetics is.” This is where I grew up everybody. 🙄

Author — Jess N.


The US may have one of the largest economies in the world, turns out it's still a third world country.

Author — Pieter Fret


"Bully Bunker Boy, showing his cowardly ways hiding his spurs 🙏🙌👌

Author — alan obray