Exclusive report: lockdown in Kashmir

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Exclusive report: lockdown in Kashmir 3.5
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Since a decision by the Indian government to revoke Kashmir's autonomy on August 5, the people of this mainly Muslim state have been cut off from the rest of the world. Curfews have been in effect day and night, communications remain disrupted and travel is restricted. Our FRANCE 24 team headed inside Indian Kashmir, at the foothills of the Himalayas, where they witnessed the first few days of the blockade. This is their exclusive report.

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Pro Tip: If you have to prove to everyone that everything is normal, than everything is not normal

Author — prospecops


No state in India belong to one community. Same on Kashmiris. We live with love among so many communities all over India. Get lost to wherever you can who wants so called freedom.

Author — S Samanta


Where are the original Hindu and Buddhist inhabitants of Kashmir have gone. Have they been massacred by the present inhabitants of Kashmir and occupied their houses during the Muslim rule of India ?

Author — pinku pradhan


If kasmir belongs to India then why the hell suffering is given to the kashmiris an Modiji has put their life in trouble

Author — Ovina Netto


The major question is How it became a muslim state....

What happened to the 10 Million Kashmiri Pandit who lived there...

They are brutally beaten and thrown out from their home land by the

India is a secular country We don't want any state to define them self as a muslim

By revoking the the articles we can stop invading jihadies and stop Kashmir becoming an another pakistan or an ISIS territory which will fight with India and US



My thoughts and prayers are with the people of kashmir May their pain ease

Author — Syd Adnan


I know no will pay any head to everyone feel the pain but for last 70 years did the condition of kashmir change anyone answer

Author — Satyajit Batul


This people deserve to be freed from their life who think our country is a joke. You Kashmiris deserve it who take the whole country as granted.

Author — S Samanta


O Dear Creator, kindly Protect the Oppressed, we are weak, you are the Most Powerful.

Author — Human Beings R Infinite Beings


Thank you for spreading word. You are absolutely right.

Author — Aadil Ibrahim


Presstitude Media!!
Very biased reporting..
Jammu and Kashmir and Laddakh are not all about Srinagar or Saura-Anchar.. Go to Jammu and Laddakh and other places and take interviews..

Author — David Beckham


and french president sits with indian govt on this because india is buying fighter jets from france

Author — Linus Testicle Tips


6:58 better economic conditions by force. That's quite suspicious. Indians are doomed

Author — Rnam Saa


You can not say everything is normal when people are lockout

Author — Ishu Dar


They are not Kashmiris as they all are speaking Urdu, majority of these jihadis are taken over Kashmir valley since 1947 and systematically killed and forced the indigenous Kashmiri and now they are trying to make caliphate of isis.

Author — nilu roy


Simply third world war is coming, UN is failing to deal with economically powerful nations.

Author — Sukadev Koirala


Kirats and Kinner are Kashmir natives ...these people of the himalayas are original inhabitants from kashmir, himchal pradesh to Bhutan. But they were displaced during aryan invasion of india and taken over by hindu kimgdoms.

Author — Dota 2 Player 'SenjeHang'


Modi should think they are still human n especially the children they are hungry n need education



Why covering face if they r not doing anything wrong...

Author — dipti desai


Shame on So called United Nations and Human right organization

Author — Traditional BD