Grosser vs. Corniche: Old Car Challenge Part 1 - Top Gear - BBC

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Grosser vs. Corniche: Old Car Challenge Part 1 - Top Gear - BBC 5
Part 1 of 2: Jeremy Clarkson and James May put their 1963 Grosser Mercedes and 1972 Rolls-Royce Corniche to the test in a series of challenges around the Top Gear circuit.

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It's a green Grosser so the boot should be full of fruit & veg.

Автор — davidrobert2007


What did Hammond say at the start? I was somewhat distracted.

Автор — Catweasle


6:49 *Gibberish* Argh, I've got Ebola.

Автор — DJ Jesus.He Died for your spins


Pretty much my dream girl standing behind Hammond at the start, oh lord.

Автор — townsjim


0:54 "Reichsmarschall Göring has arrived... Morgen!"

Автор — Fe Sc


0:12 I do appreciate the... Background choices Top Gear made for this episode.

Автор — TheIceWarrior


Did Jeremy say "I've got ebola", or "I've got a boner"?

Автор — Conner of Dill Creek


"old cars break down alot"
I disagree, these 2 cars are well engineered, I bet they will break much less then most new cars.

Автор — Obi-Wan Kannabis


0:22 look a little to the right...enjoy xD

Автор — Joseph Althaus


I love Rolls Royce, but this time I choose Mercedes....

Автор — Statese Tice


'Now, I should stress that what we've got coming up now isn't the usual Top Gear cheap car challenge, because these really are their cars, those stupid tw...'
*cuts to video*

Pure gold.

Автор — appelpower1


"What I always found really difficult is this" (shuts the trunk) ROFL

Автор — Völl Däpp


6:50 Jeremy Clarkson predicted the Ebola outbreak!

Автор — Square One


They should settle the argument in Belgium like the French and Germans have in the past.

Автор — spudnic88


6:48 Either "I've got ebola" or "I've got a boner"... cant tell

Автор — Yardie Noh


The Merc is certainly the better car - but the 600 is the single Mercedes ever built that would scare me financially. Every single part of this car that is connected to the hydraulics (and nearly every part is) is hideously overpriced - so it's no wonder that Clarkson paid the price of a new Golf for a service. Jay Leno mentioned a current market price of more than 1.000 $ for a door handle!

So even here in Germany where you have a fairly good infrastructure of Mercedes experts at your hand, I'd rather go for the Rolls.

Автор — No Troll


i gotta admit i was rather impressed by clarkson when he was weaving thru those cones.

Автор — Adam Kramer


Lol Saddam Hussein had both, the Rolls and  the Benz 600

Автор — marwan mahmoud


why they compare 1972 Rolls Royce with a 9 years older car from Mercedes(1963)  ???   W116 S-class was introduced in 1972 and it's way better than this Rolls Royce :3

Автор — MJ22


That studio camera lady in the very beginning should be fired. That focus was completely off target which was placed in the right and had a nice "neck"line. Who in the hell is interested in Hammonds face in that case? I will do to hear him talking next time!

Автор — LCdrDerrick