SWTOR | Does gear matter in Ranked PVP? Bolster Discussion

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So I conducted an experiment! People have been telling me that gear doesn't matter in ranked if you know what you're doing/ or because of Bolster. So I put that to the test! I went over to the EU Server "Darth Malgus", and I made a character to queue ranked on over there. In full 230s, fully augged! NOTE: I'm not a terrible sniper, I'm not the best either. So judge for yourself whether or not gear matters when it comes to surviving and DMG output!

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dude, you need empty aug slots, and mix 230 with 248 and yea you need 252/258 mainhand

Author — Ter


Wow, I didnt know u have toon in DM now. Good to know;)

Author — Mistah J


dont forget you need your 252/258 Mainhand

Author — Zore