Drag Race! Audi RS4 Vs Ford Focus RS | Top Gear

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Drag Race! Audi RS4 Vs Ford Focus RS | Top Gear 4

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So the RS is a 5 cylinder twin turbo? Really? Your researchers need to work a little harder!

Автор — MarkCup70


Please correct the engine type. Focus RS and 5 cylinder? Are you car journalists? In that case you should know that actual RS is 4-cyl.

Автор — Akcelerace Videoblogy


Top Gear was the best series in the world. Now no one even knows about it. Jeremy and the rest were what made it what it was.

Автор — Anonymous


You guys should switch and do 2 runs...

Автор — myke collins


Isn't Top Gear without Clarkson, May and Hammond

Автор — Maresalul Antonescu


I just saw a Grand Tour commercial before this video...

Автор — Hendrik B


This is a pointless test with stupid drivers. Used to be a big fan of Top Gear but now look what you have done.

Автор — Danny Guo


I don't understand why some reviewers jump start these drag races and don't redo them for fair and real results.

Автор — Luís Nabais


1:08 at 0.25 speed focus rs false start

Автор — sept3mbeR


And at the end the head gasket of the RS makes a hahahhahahaha

Автор — Dikonou


Ford tried but NOTHING outruns an Audi.

Автор — C.G.O Recordz


Shame the SQ7 is for rich people who don't know anything about cars and the focus RS is for mid life crisis men as it looks like it's aimed at a young audience yet young people can't afford it.

Автор — SixCommunists


*Someone's change the title to RS4 instead of sq7*

Автор — Elliot 1234


Rs had like a second advantage with that jump.

Автор — Stefan Cupovic


What if they put audi's engine to ford?

Автор — Roadrunner Slure


Well, I was not expecting that... O_o

Автор — Andres Luzunaris


A manual gearbox is for real car guys.
Having great clutch control and gear change is practically an art.
I love flappy paddles, don't get me wrong, but anyone can race those and win, it often only depends on which car is more powerful.

Автор — uzzie88


Focus RS is 4 cyl, not 5 cyl. Also Jack's reaction time is unreal!

Автор — BlackWind


Ford focus rs is the 5cyl twin turbo... It's a disgrace to call it car journalism. I guess many people are working on the videos like this one and I wonder how little they know about cars that none of them could spot quite obvious mistake before uploading it. What's more, all of this happens on behalf of the Top Gear franchise

Автор — NaturalBornKilla


At least the focus looks nice
The audi just looks fat even in hatch form it would still look fat

Автор — Wasay Abdul