Episode 3: Age Of Cosmology | The World of Stonehenge | BBC Documentary

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Episode 3: Age Of Cosmology | The World of Stonehenge | BBC Documentary 5
Neil Oliver continues his journey through the world of Ancient Britain as he encounters an age of cosmological priests and some of the greatest monuments of the Stone Age, including Stonehenge itself. This is a time of elite travellers, who were inventing the very idea of Heaven itself.

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I could listen to Neil Oliver reading the dictionary.

Author — Old Man from Scene Twenty Four


I like stone too. My house has been standing since 1681, and you dont have to maintain it much.

Author — 7.756.935


The speckles in the blue stone used in Stonehenge remind me of the night sky. I wonder if this is why it was used?

Author — Mairìan


Neil: So this is as it was. It was not reconstructed?
George: Oh, no.
Neil: What was it like finding this the first time you came in here?
George: Like this.

Author — KingRichardIII


I'm a yank who feels fortunate to have visited Stonehenge in December of '77, the final days tourists were were allowed to walk among the stones and touch them.

Author — gls600


“It’s kind of....Stalin does the Stone Age.” Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!


Author — Voracious Reader


Wouldn't it have been a pain to wait a whole year so the sun would shine through your doorway only to have it rain?

Author — Linda Doggett


Neil Oliver is wonderful. His excitement is contagious. More of all this, please. Much more! Travel the world, Dr. Oliver.

Author — Calvin Hobbes


"It's like Stalin does the Stone Age."

Gods, I love that man... LMAO!

Author — Fangs4DaMemories


I just love finding his documentaries on u Tube.. Been watching when going to bed in the U.S... Now ready for Number #4 in this series.. He is Awesome.. He walks all over and you feel and see like your right there. Plus his wife is a lucky gal. His voice is soothing.

Author — Cynthia Gonzales


I have been to Newgrange and it really is spectacular (even with the modern facing). I do not believe in ghosts or spirits of the dead but there are times when I do think the collective consciousness, or energy if you will, lingers on long after the people themselves are gone. This is one of those places.

Author — Hector's Mommy


"there were two female skeletons found underneath the bed-"

Author — thenipplerenaissance


I wonder if the axe was smoothed because they realized smooth surfaces are less subject to cracks than a surface with a bunch of stress points.

Author — RonThePhotoGuy


Wonderful documentary as usual, but..."Unprecedented?" You never heard of Gobekli Tepe in Eastern Turkey, twice as old and twenty times bigger than Stonehenge?

Author — Trici Venola


"I'm going to block out the sun in 3 days to prove that I can talk to the gods"
Eclipse 3 days later.... "The gods want you to bring me all of your women and goods"
top kek

Author — • Akti0n •


Another fantastic look into the past. The beauty in these areas is magnificent. However, it was sad to see all the trash on the ground from the people who were there. Such a shame that there seemed to be little respect for where they were., but I tend to see this anywhere people gather. Sad.

Author — NG B


I believe sometimes they thinking too much into it. Going up to the mountains for tools and tool materials. Its just simple.

Author — Zoltan Fazekas


A politician cremated every 2-3 years: Life was rough for politicians. Some things never change... except the burning thing.

Author — whocareswho


Definitely appreciate all of the work that went into these episodes. I would love to see a more open discussion of some of the mysteries though. There are many alternative theories on the megalithic structures like stonehenge which are being found all over the world. It would've been great to connect mainstream archaeology with some more alternative researchers. Just saying it took phenomenal effort to move 50 ton stones 20 miles is an incredible understatement and seems to miss a great opportunity to dig deeper as it were...

Author — shakur


They had these Neolithic monument/tombs that greeted the sun through it's doorway once a year (winter solstice) in Ireland, too - Newgrange!.
Stonehenge during winter is veautiful

Author — Pam Bergner