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Happy New Year to everyone! On behalf of the Ninja Squad, We present to you the Best of Steve 2020 Compilation. It's an hour and a half of pure memorable Steeb moments on his stream so sit back, relax and enjoy this compilation. We can't thank Steve enough for the entertainment and content he put on his streams and how he engage to his chat is heartwarming (but sometimes very lewd). Therefore, more success and glows for this man and his community this year as well as more content and entertainment he can provide to everyone. #INFINITE_SGE #NinjaSquad #YoVideogames

Be sure to check Steve on Twitch:

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Music used as a background music on the video (Super Mario 64 - Bob-omb Battlefield [Remix]

Edited by Me and Vsarmiento:

And to everyone who provided the clips for making this compilation possible:

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2020 was a wild year in Steeb's channel. Even in COVID-19, we all still came together and had a great time. Thank you Ninja Squad. Let's go 2021. Sho-nuff!

Author — StormClaymore


All these moments are hilarious and amazing! Steeb's streams are just always a fun wild ride!!!

Author — skydragonx8


Starting the video off with one of the best moments of the year. Not just the best of Steve, but the best in general.

Edit: OMG I forgot the trash burger story was from THIS YEAR! lolololol

Author — SeafoamSmiles


NINJA SQUAD!! Great Job Staz and Drajutsu and Everyone else that provided the Clips for 2020. Here's to a great 2021!!!

Author — Tony 'FGCTonyIRL' Williams


and the first clip was the highlight of steeb for me

Author — Dante Reyes


That first clip, lol i was gonna roast that man for losing to Steeb

Author — darklatern