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THROUGH HELL - Motivational Video 5

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42 (Jackie Robinson's story), Pursuit of happiness, Superman Man of Steel, Limitless, The secret life of Walter Mitty, Jobs

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Henry Jackman - Safe Now (Captain Phillips OST)

Hans Zimmer - Mountains (Interstellar OST)

Shades of the Abyss - Valiant

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I went from being homeless. Cheated on by my girlfriend. My family laughed at me when I told them I'm going to make it. My probation officer said I was going to fail. I've been molested. Mom was in a coma for 7 years and died. Father absent, but I didn't give up. Now I own my own company and hire felons. My networth is 3.4 million and growing fast. NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Author — john perryman


Who ever is at all low point right now, you're not alone. We'll overcome this and it'll make us stronger

Author — Matt Cinnamo


Hell will become heaven if you can play with fire



Quit my job one moth ago. I am broke right now. Today I broke up with my girlfriend after 2 years. I have never felt better in my life. Got rid of the all the things that were keeping my potential from growing. I have nothing, and now I am free to do anything.

Author — Menki2014


If you're watching this video, you're on the right track, keep going!

Author — Sidharth Sood


I showed this to my toaster. he turned into optimus prime

Author — sixaj


I was bullied at school for six years and I was overweight. I decided to lose weight and started working out. I lost 15 kg and ran my first marathon last fall and now I'm training for another marathon. I want to go to the Olympic Games to represent Finland in a marathon and show my bullies what i have made of. I want to say that everything is possible if you start working for yourself! Do not believe haters!💪

Author — Moona Havula


I was in the us army from 2001-2009? I deployed to iraq 3 times. I suffered from PTSD depression and withdrawal symptoms. I slept in my truck and basically gave up on life. 8 yrs later I beat PTSD and I have a awesome high paying now and I also do bodybuilding shows and motivate many people to never give up!

Author — Davion Mcclendon


Not two weeks ago I was going to take 20 pills and let my problems go. But I got a dream right on that moment.

Author — Cris Overlook


"You are greater than your problems."

My god I needed this video today. I'm really struggling. Suicidal thoughts creeping back in. Thought I'd beaten them last year.

Author — General Waste


This is the place where I find my real brothers and sisters.

Author — Amal Dev


What if I told you, that the secret to changing your life, no matter what, was as easy as two steps forward?

First step; Believe you can.
Second step; Do it.

Author — BAD CANADIAN 02


Listened to this while running on the track at the gym. Accidentally became the flash.

Author — Steven Foster


Life asked death "Why do people love me but hate you?"
Death replied "Because you are the beautiful lie and I, the painful truth".

Author — Baphomet Garcia


I recently broke my leg horribly and I was afraid of playing football but now I'm playing again.

Author — SupremeLefty


this video has changed me drastically in every good way I can think of....I listen to this when I go to bed, when I wake up and everyday. I had heavy depression for years before this and before I discovered myself again and my dreams. I would like to say thank you. you are doing a good things and going somewhere, keep it up! I have not only helped myself and worked on myself with this but I have helped countless friends and people. Thank you. Thank you

Author — Eylian Tice


"if you're going through hell, keep going" - Winston Churchill

Author — Get Inspired


I am crying because I finally changed. I finally became a new person. I changed my mentality.
I just wanted to say thanks guys. Keep the great job and never change, because u changed me

Author — M B


“You’re wonderfull, i love you” telling myself this every morning and start grinding 🔥

Author — Dean Hamsah


Here's to those of us that have been through hell and back and came out smiling....let me hear you YELL! HELL YEA!!! 💪💪💪

Author — Wolves of Chaos - Motivational Videos