Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Explains Why The UN Laughed At Trump

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Explains Why The UN Laughed At Trump 5

Knowing that her response could set off a war, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern answers whether the UN General Assembly was laughing *with* or *at* Donald Trump.

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That's our leader. We may be small, but I feel other leaders could learn a thing or two from her about being a human... She's awesome :)

Author — James Hancox Photo Design


New Zealanders elected a woman with a baby and Americans elected a baby with a woman

Author — Amitansh Kumar


she had a baby while in the office. Americans brought a baby into the office. slightly different.

Author — Sha Sha


She seems human. That’s weird in politics worldwide.

Author — j a


New Zealanders are the luckiest guys in the world. They have a human as a leader.

Author — cp1307


She's straight outta fairy tale - "Once upon a time there lived a good queen ..."

Author — swapnil khalashe


This is what happen when you have a human being who care about its own people over money and the economy.

Author — CGSDR JC


Who's here after new Zealand has zero covid 19 cases?

Author — Pranav Haran


Her partner knocked over a flag while she was talking to the US president. It sounds like a Taika Waititi film.

Author — fAppIicationof SeIf


The first laugh was among those who speak English, the second bigger laugh was after the translators finished.

Author — Harry W


The differences in the world: NZ has a leader that HAD a baby, US has a leader that IS a baby. How 1 word changes thing for the negative

Author — Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV


This is probably the most compliment-filled comment section on youtube

Author — duarte castro jorge


Someone make this woman president of the world please

Author — jelloled


This PM also has refused mandatory pay rises for herself and her party. Stating that she gets paid enough. She’s brilliant

Author — Kirsty


During lock down, she stood with the people of NZ not stood all over us.

Author — Henry Airconcepts


You know, after all those jokes made about women leading the world, I think this spectacular woman makes a strong case in favor of women!

Author — Maithili Desai


She is smart, funny, competent and polite, all the signs of a true leader.

Author — Vikas Sharma


To all the people living in New Zealand. What’s it like having a mature person in office that actually does stuff to protect the people during a pandemic.

Author — Robert Ramaj


Best comement about Jacinta: "She makes people in other countries depressed because she is not their leader"

Author — matthew fitzpatrick


Imagine all leaders like this: no world war

Author — Bhavya JM