Count Basie & Joe Williams - Well Alright ,Okay,You Win

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Count Basie & Joe Williams - Well Alright ,Okay,You Win 5

Joe Williams sings with Count Basie & His Orchestra

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Someone asked, that was me playing drums... :) Seems like another lifetime ago...

Loved Joe. He gave me the best drum lesson I've ever had the afternoon of the taping of that concert...

Author — Gregg Field


There isn't one of these so called singers today who could even tie Joe Williams' shoes.

Author — Tony C


Joe Williams remains one of the best jazz vocalists, and to put him out in front of what is arguably the best jazz orchestra is simply beautiful. I adore the Basie-Williams collaborations.

Author — Poodiemuckle


his voice is so uncharacteristic and not generic to most of the male jazz singers. his style is soo unique its got a certain feel that is just fricken awesome to listen to. go joe!!!

Author — Zach Hickman


Joe Williams could have sung the phone book, starting with the A's, and I'd have listened to every page. That's the kind of soul the singer doesn't even think about.


Author — Arthur Name


Listening to Joe Williams in his younger days was a pleasure but he seemed to get better with age. He was truly remarkable.



Anybody remember Joe Williams on the Cosby show as Claire's father?

Author — clskmstg


I like this world, that had Bill Basie and Joe Williams alive in it, making this music.

Author — PabluchoViision


This is Carnegie Hall on March 20, 1981. Great show, appearances by Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughn, and George Benson

Author — David Frank


I had a mad crush on this man back in the day! I loved going to anything jazz & big band. Saw him a few times.

Author — Nancy Carol Hickman


Wow. Playing this in jazz band. Such great song!

Author — Eli Winterscheidt


Alright, ok I’m in love with Mr. Williams! 💕💕. Count Basie and Joe Williams up in heaven having a ball👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Author — Alleta Keokuk


Incomparable singer, great arrangements, and great band! I miss him.

Author — lisabsingerpoet


I think Joe Williams was the best male jazz vocalist of the 20th century.

Author — Jay Young


he has such an incredible range. so relaxed. i love it.

Author — MusicMan290


Swing it, Joe!!! Wow - the Count and his band - the best!

Author — SingersLeader


A handsome man and a velvety voice. Oh, my!

They don't make 'em much like that any more.

Author — nina1414


The DVD "Count Basie At Carnegie Hall" is on Kultur.

Author — nickad39


@dmreeoogdaq That is one of the coolest comments I have ever read on a youtube post! The man is like butter! THis song just makes me smile!

Author — mdg964


i've been looking for this for a long time. thanks for posting it carlosmayfastjumpers

Author — Pattrick Wilborn