Inside The Mind Of Jaxon Cota An 11-Year-Old Kid Genius | NBC Nightly News

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Inside The Mind Of Jaxon Cota An 11-Year-Old Kid Genius | NBC Nightly News 4.5

At age nine, Jaxon Cota was accepted into Mensa, a society for geniuses. His IQ puts him in the top two percent of the world, but despite his smarts, Jaxon isn’t rushing ahead.

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Inside The Mind Of Jaxon Cota An 11-Year-Old Kid Genius | NBC Nightly News

💬 Comments on the video

I like the parents' approach. Great to see a young bright mind.

Author — ChessNetwork


and his parents are cool... socially. Not usually the case.

Author — Ben Martin


Him at 11 years old: Being VERY smart

Me at 11 years old: wondering if teachers live at school

Author — Swifty


His address is on the mensa letter. Big safety concern.

Author — Rover's Makeover Dog Grooming - Oklahoma City


He'll always have college. But he'd never get his childhood back.

enjoy it.

Author — chris wentworth


it is a good thing that these parents are allowing him to have his childhood. NASA can wait.

Author — Tim Hallas


This kid will be a billionaire. I’m calling it.

Author — JaxPrice Films


“This doesn’t define who I am” this kid knows what’s right.

Author — 1 2


Hoping he uses this gift for the betterment of humanity!

Author — Hunter of Truth


Everyone is genius compared to the people at NBC .

Author — yak fisher


Says does really hard algebra

*writes equation for area of a cylinder*

Author — Golpheox


he should run for president he's over qualified at this point.

Author — Gwendolyn Nowlan


When I was 11, I was trying to see the fridge light cut off.

Author — Abbi R


Typical engineering person right there: “It’s all about trial and error.”

Author — Vocaman Music


Its a gift from God. May the Lord bless this child.

Author — swag radiation


It's rare to see a child that's so gifted and so intelligent and isn't socially awkward. His parents are doing it right.

Holy moly thanks for the likes yall. Some people seem very unnerved by the comment, I just wanna let y'all know that I'm judging from first hand experiences I've had with multiple of my very intelligent friends on a daily basis.

Author — Ceilli Fonzarelli


Not only is the kid smart he's way wise beyond his age ... His parents have the right idea socialization not just brains makes the whole person 👏👏👏

Author — Scott Gibboney


This kid is not only a genius 👏 but he will be a well rounded person.

Author — James Ramos


He looks like a really likable kid as well as a genius.

Author — Mary Macdonald


KUDOS to his parents for keeping him well developed.

Author — DivineMizE