Frozen vs. Fast vs. Fancy Food Taste Test

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Frozen vs. Fast vs. Fancy Food Taste Test 5

Today, we're seeing if we can taste the frozen, fancy, or fast Chinese food! GMM #1787

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💬 Comments

You guys should do an episode of Josh's food Vs Restaurant food

Author — People People


“I have a refined pallet” *is wearing a shirt that says beans in all caps*

Author — Tomás Murphy


this episode had such nice vibes. everyone was so calm. i really liked them just saying what their favorite is.

Author — Tsush Hehehe


"Please do a fancy pants dance."

Rhett: *crab being electrocuted in a hail storm*

Author — Easter T.


i hope this becomes a series. whoever made this idea is a genius! love the episode

Author — taium


Rhett: *is appalled link called his palette gullible*

Rhett: this is going to be hard for me because I like everything

Author — Victoria Perez


The most logical utensil for eating fried rice is a spoon, the grains are separated so they aren't easy to pick up with chopsticks like with normal steamed rice.

Author — Teddington


Link: your palette is gullible... like you everything.

Rhett: this is going to be hard because I like everything.

Author — Dza Land


Rhett is living the dream. He’s got a shirt with B E A N S

Author — Jonathan Dsouza


Me: forgets about GMM because I had other interests

Youtube: recommends a video

Me: *instantly hooked and finishes almost all the videos*

Author — Adikkya


Link: “I don’t tip at all where ever I go”
Mr Beast: tipping 10k for water

Author — Bunny Bell Love


I honestly much prefer the episodes of GMM where they aren’t competing with each other. They are just much more pleasant to watch.

Author — Andrew Ritchey


Link says "you like everything" that's not true, you are just the most picky eater of all time man.

Author — Kimber2K


Rhett: He gets that refined palette from me.

Also Rhett:
-Last meal is a literal bucket of beans
-Enjoys giant blocks of cheese with ice cream
-The christmas food taste test
-The human chocolate fountain

Author — DarthZ01


"I'm sorry, I'm just gonna keep eating" is basically Rhett in a nutshell. Needs to be a shirt

Author — Jeff Paul


Rhett: *chooses fanciest foods*
Also Rhett: *wears a shirt with BEANS on it*

Author — Erin S.


Nobody got the “offal” joke - philistines!

Author — Steve K


Next time there's rice, use a spoon if you guys don't want to use chopsticks

Author — Jr Pueyo


“It’s a vegetarian egg roll”

Rhett: *pure disappointment*

Author — hi


i nominate Hornet as an antonym for guillible

Author — Tiago Valadares