The 'Dambusters'. The true story behind one of World War II's most daring bombing missions.

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The 'Dambusters'. The true story behind one of World War II's most daring bombing missions. 5

On the night of May 16th 1943, a Royal Air Force squadron of Avro Lancaster bombers took-off from RAF Scampton, heading for the industrial heartland of Germany.

Led by Wing Commander Guy Gibson, the 19 Lancaster Bombers of 617 Squadron launched arguably the most audacious, daring and innovative air assault through World War II.

Operation Chastise targeted three of the most important dams in the Ruhr Valley; the Möhne, Eder and Sorpe. Carrying the revolutionary ‘Bouncing Bomb’, the brain child of Barnes Wallis, the aim of this mission was to not only destroy the dams, but to seriously disrupt the manufacturing output by Germany.

What followed was a feat of human courage, tenacity and dedication to duty, and as a result 617 Squadron has ever after been known by the epithet, "The Dambusters"!

This classic documentary includes rare footage mixed with computer graphics & animation to represent the bombing raid itself.

This is not to be missed!

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An excellent video containing a lot of historic film that I haven't seen before. Thank you for putting it together.

Author — Peter Lovett


The most comprehensive documentary on this amazing feat of engineering, Gibson's balls were as big as the bomb's.

Author — Kidraver


though the film is a classic..i find the CGI here explains the problems the crews had much clearer

Author — andy morris


tons of information, way to much background music

Author — dan taylor


One of the best dambuster documentarys iv ever seen.. Simply fantastic

Author — Paul Havrylak Havrylak


Thank you so much for this unique documentary ✈️ Such courage &!determination🛬

Author — Claudette Delphis


I remembered standing on the Mohne dam as 617 Sqn Overflew the dam, this time to join RAF(G) - RAF Germany in the early ‘80s.

Author — Peter King


Like the proverb.."necessity is the mother of invention", was never more clear than this moment in history

Author — David Johnson


Great film, not moaning, but would have been better without the background music.

Author — Ted Tom


The most precisely informative exposition of this mission that I have seen.

Author — Tipi Dan


Great documentary and thanks for not editing out the name of the dog. Our history is important and should be learnt from not erased.



Extraordinary bravery on these pilot's part to press the attack under adverse conditions.

Author — Stephen Hurlbut


I remember watching the Dam Busters movie back in the 60's and I've been fascinated by this mission ever since.

Author — Julian Wells


Only in Britain can you get an effective weapon from a guy playing with his kids' marbles.

Author — AJ 1978


I have seen many Dambuster documentaries, this is certainly among the best, exceedingly well done

Author — Lin Giralt


A truly excellent Documentary, well done and BRAVO to those that made it.

Author — David


617 Squadron, Wing Commander .Guy Gibson . Thank you .

Author — Paul Gerald


Well done. Good footage, lots of new info.

Author — Daniel Brown


History told as it was with no alteration to names. Well produced documentary, thank you for sharing.

Author — Surin Farmwest


How could anyone down vote this video as it was extremely well done.

Author — Mike Barton