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Today we go over 20 Need to know tips and tricks for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Hope these tips and tricks help you become a better Ghost.

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If there is anything you are Struggling with let me know I will try to answer it.

Author — NothingButSkillz


I had no idea carrying dead enemies to doors unlocked them, thanks bud.

Author — Tyler C


No ones gonna talk about that voice crack at 2:02

Author — Blakkfalcon 40


Tip 21 you can use your pistol on ladders

Author — Joseph Thomson


Great tips. Been wondering how to open those damn red doors. One addition to your sync-shot is that you can mark up to three people and they will kill when you pull your trigger on whatever gun you have active. So, I like to set out the three drones and then find a fourth person to snipe so that everyone dies.

Author — C.C. Chapman


Another tip, use the drone spray and then attack the drones. You will have a full minute of immunity.

Author — Gaming Knight


The amount of locations in this game is insane! I barely scratched the surface of the map, half way done with the province where u help the girl and her father

Author — Brian Bittermann


2:00 mark
Hold down the button that you use to "LAUNCH" the sync shot...lol

Author — Eric Carter


I have played around 300 hours and still not needed the sync shot xD NEVER used it...

Author — liptaz


2:02 I’m sorry bro I listened to that fifty times 🤣

Author — John Lynch


Picking up dead enemy to open those locked doors really saves my Ass bro thanks a lot👌👌

Author — DonPpot Tenchavez


Great tips. This game is a lil bit buggy but is great fun.

Author — SevenDaysToNoon


I love that Drone Cologne, a spray a play, keeps those pesky drones away!

Author — Daniel Gamas


If you fire on a 4th target, it also activates sync drones automatically

Author — Shane McGee


Note on the "bivuacs" tip, they will steal your ammo if you have more than a certain amount depending on weapon. Enter a bivuac with 500 rounds of ammo and you'll leave with 290. Bivuacs will also refill your ammo if you're below 290, so I'm guessing this is just another oversight by Ubisoft who forgot to make bivuacs only add, not remove, ammo. Just keep in mind that you can visit the biv and get the helo, or other vehicle, but it will cost you ammo.

Also, Ubisoft has messed up massively on sound detection, so you can safely land your helicopter just a few meters away from your destination. The worst that will happen is the enemy will "hear a suspicious sound" and will care about it for about 2 seconds before they go back to their normal routes. I've got about 200 hours into this game already and I only use the parachute for fun because it's literally never needed for stealth approaches.

Here's a couple of my own tips.

1) Until you reach gear level 250, equip a higher gear number of anything you get regardless of the buffs it gives. It doesn't matter what it is, or what it does, if it's a higher gear level use it. You'll end up using everything only for a very short amount of time this way because the higher your gear is the higher the gear that drops will be. Using this method I got to gear level 251 in no time at all, and at that point you can use my next tip to get any weapon you want with any buffs you want.

2) You'll gain a lot of skredits as you play, so when you reach gear lvl 250 any blueprints you've unlocked you can buy that weapon at the store, and each time you buy it will randomly attach two buffs to it. At lvl 250 you'll get a good number of "golden" buffs in this random mix and you can keep buying that weapon repeatedly until it gives you the exact combination you want (most weapons cost only 800 skredits and sell for about half that price so you should be able to afford hundreds of them, if that's what it takes to get the right combo). This way you use weapons with severe shortcomings and buffs that fix them. For example, I love using the second best AR in the game which is the M4A1. It has terrible recoil though. So I bought several copies of it at the shop until it dropped one with +30 handling which eliminates the recoil problems. Do you like the 416 Shorty, but wish it had longer range (the Shorty has limited range). Just buy it until you get one with +30 range. The SC20K is the best AR in game but it has slow reload. No problem, buy copies of it until you get one with +10% reload speed. Sometimes it can get frustrating because it will drop all kinds of buffs you don't want, but if you stick with it you'll eventually get what you want. The game economy is so badly designed that you never have to worry about having enough money.

3) There's a glitch you need to take into consideration. All weapons and gear have 2 buffs. The buff on top will always work better than the buff on the bottom, which sometimes won't work at all. For example: Same weapon, M4A1 with the same buffs (+30 handling, +25 Automatic Marking). If Auto Marking is on top and handling on bottom, enemies will be automatically marked from 25 meters away, but the recoil on the weapon will sometimes be good (when the buff works) and sometimes terrible (like it normally is with no handling buff). If Handling is first and Marking second, recoil management will always be good, but auto marking might not happen at the right distance or even at all. Once I snuck up on a guy from behind and he wasn't auto marked until I was a couple meters away from him and close enough to kill him with my knife. Other times they won't be marked until they're 10 or 15 meters away. But if the buff is in the top position that's never a problem. Hopefully they eliminate this bug soon.

4) If you like Auto marking use a weapon with that buff and not the skill which does the same thing. The skill doesn't really work as well as the weapon buff, plus on a weapon you can combine it with another buff and leave that skill slot available for something else which will give you at least a second buff with it.

Author — Kvamus


This game is awesome and beautiful and bad ass 🤘

Author — 11David


Just a reccomendation to my fellow ghost. If you find that the left trigger is too touchy for holding your breath, go into customize controls and switch it the L3(click in the stick) and hold it. Its made my precision long distance shooting so much more consistent and easy to manage.

Author — Colin Hoeg


Dude, you’re killing it on your channel lately. Found you when Div. 2 came out and been onboard since. Keep up the awesome job. Your hard work is not going unnoticed. Peace.

Author — MrMCPhilly


Holy shit at the bivouac smoke signals hadn't realized this!

Author — MrInkr3dible


You should break down attachments, and the meanings, and what they help :)

Author — ECKO509 _