ENLISTED - Gaijin's New Shooter

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Another classic WWII game, or better? You be the judge of ENLISTED, Gaijin's New MMO Shooter. Game is open to all PC players for an undetermined amount of time.

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ENLISTED - Gaijin's New Shooter (in Open Beta)
Gaijin's New Shooter

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This game's been talked about over 3 years now. This is it's first open beta available for all PC players. Sorry Console guys you're out of luck for now. I play these games very little these days, but its not a bad game. I also, have no idea if I even did a decent review.... This might actually be the first time I produced a video for a game other than War Thunder.. lol

Author — WhooptieDo


Gaijin makes a game where spawn camping is standard... Who would have thought lol

Author — Sputnik


You're firing ap instead of HE at the infantry, that probably doesn't help

Author — Brecken Helsley


This game needs an FOV slider so badly

Author — Alexander Kahl


Hmmm, a problem with spawn camping... ***IMAGINE THAT***

Author — Orangefan


The tanks are best played along side other tanks and with friendly infantry around. They're not meant to fight infantry, they're meant to fight the other tanks. Fire support via the coaxial machinegun and HE shells is possible, but limited. Tanks are meant to be force multipliers, not the force itself.

Author — Red


I like the gun sight of the tank, reminds me of a certain

Author — Salty Wound


War thunder server crashing and all sorts of balance and other difficulties...

Author — Kamo dalje rođače


we pilots are superior to tankers :). btw you was shooting at infantry with AP lol

Author — Mattia Sette


3:05 "There is always a lot of glitches with Gaijin games", i play war thunder for over 3 years, witnessed under 10 bugs...

Author — PetrKDN


I like how most of the assets seem like upscaled War Thunder assets. It's also funny how the cannon sounds seem to be pre-1.97 update sounds. We shall see how this goes. But the "blood" effects are... yikes.

Author — Zarastro


"turret is slow like world of tanks"
meanwhile in WoT : *Tiger 1 turret rotation feels like Abrams"

Author — Fillan Taufan


Oh wow, so this is what it looks like on a computer with a good graphics card

Author — Devin Graves


How many days i need to grind to rifle?

Author — Diestro


I enjoyed the tanks. They don't have much power on these tiny maps but I think they will when the game expands. It enjoyed them because they were actually realistic and felt very nice to handle, as cumbersome as a real early war tank.

Author — patton3


"Tanks don't fly that well", you obviously never flown an Il-2

Author — Martijn


It looks like WT with infantry and better maps...

Author — Demon


Other positions can be used by other players if you lose your tank crew, also you can move to that position and do only that task if you are only survivor in tank.

Author — Ran Kavik


When using a tank use HE which is High explosive to kill infantry

Author — Beggotten Son


This is just a combination of cusine royale and war thunder, if I works it'll be great but idk if it will

Author — Mr Mop Head