Boris Johnson makes first Commons statement as PM - BBC News

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Boris Johnson makes first Commons statement as PM - BBC News 4.5
The new prime minister is making a Commons statement, after holding his first Cabinet meeting.
Speaking to MPs, Boris Johnson said his government would throw itself into Brexit negotiations with energy.
He said other arrangements for the Northern Ireland backstop were "perfectly compatible with the Belfast Agreement to which we are, of course, steadfastly committed".
He said Michael Gove would make plans for a no-deal Brexit a "top priority".
He also assured EU citizens they would have "absolute certainty" of their right to live in the UK.
On Thursday, he addressed his cabinet for the first time as prime minister.

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Just for once... I detect a hint of enthusiasm ... a good start!

Author — Marlon King


A very intelligent man with a personality, not a buffoon in my humble opinion.

Author — Timothy Gray


Words are wonderful, let’s wait and see the deeds

Author — Tony Selmanah


Best to luck from Ireland. Hopefully things work out for everyone

Author — C Klan


Bold and positive address. Nice to hear the house sounding much less like a left wing echo chamber. Long may that continue.

Author — Les Bray


I'm loving the genuinely ambitious and unapologetic speech. About bloody time!

Author — Ross


Wait a minute, do we actually have a left winger in charge of the left wing party and a right winger in charge of the right wing party? When was the last time we genuinely had an oppostional parliament like we are supposed to.

Author — Jack Johnson


02:43 LOOOOL these Brits like naughty school boys...

Author — Gandalf Stormcrow


At least he doesn't talk like a programmed chat bot

Author — Leonard V


Excited to see Britain adopt an Australian-style points system. Too bad it took too long.

Author — Duke Skibbington


"Australian points based immigration system"

just like Farage has been saying for years.

Author — Fummy


He's very good. I'm not a Boris fan but like Churchill in WW2 - I think he is what the UK needs now. A patriot, someone who believes in the UK.

I love his positive mental attitude. He's amazing. I am interested in politics again

Author — Baldy Locks


What about Larry the Downing Street cat? Is he OK with Johnson and his cat, the one that didn't get along with him? BBC, please report on Larry's status, won't you?

Author — Carobmoth


I was right about The Commons becoming a lot more entertaining.

I suspect this channel is about to get a few more subscribers.

Author — Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial


I like the energy and confidence of the PM, you make it more realistic and achievable.
Thumbs up to the speaker of parliament for the firmness

Author — Heather Dundundu


Now we have a real prime minister, go Boris 👍

Author — Ross Brown


0:31 - "Our great, United Kingum."

Author — Kerrski


That's the best Prime Ministerial speech I have ever witnessed, that will have the idiots on the other side of the house twitching. Well done Boris. Conservatism restored.

Author — timothy arnold


If you ever lived in London, you must know how expensive it is to have a decent hair cut there.🙃

Author — Wong Eric


I’m so happy for our friends across the pond! Boris seems like the PM you guys have been missing for decades. Someone PROUD of his Union. Reminds me of our guy over here in the States! 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

Author — dead memes