Crazy TURBOS! 6000 HP (EPIC)

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Crazy TURBOS! 6000 HP (EPIC) 4.5

The Craziest Turbos compilation you'll see ! 6000 HP Lamborghini Aventador SV TwinTurbo, 1000hp Toyota Supra, 2000hp Turbo LS swaps, 4rotor and huge turbo... high boost, so high they'll fly, literally lol
For health reasons I do not make voiceovers, BUT, I love editing and transforming the meaning of the video, giving it a funny, educational and entertaining twist. (edits + text commentary)
Credits given to those who chosen to be credited for the video submition.
Also, The best Turbo sounds on this compilation ! Turbo BOV sound, Turbo Flutter, wastegate, turbo downpipes and obviously, straight pipe loud cars ! ( AntiLag / 2step / backfire )
From Turbo Hondas, to BMW m3 RB26 engine swapped, big turbo supras, TwinTurbo Huracan, Twin Turbo Aventador, twin turbo LSX Corvette, 4 rotor mazda rx7 with a big turbo, Nissan GTR, 1000+ whp audi and much more !
From UAE, USA, Japan to Europe..
Hope you guys enjoy the edits :D Thank you so much for watching !

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Credits ( Full Links )

Lamborghini Aventador SV 6000hp

RB28 2.8L stroker BMW e90 m3 engine swap

S52 BMW e36 M3 Turbo Drift car

1500HP Subaru

2jz swap Nissan Skyline r33

1000hp supra launch

TwinTurbo Ford GT

350z 2jz swapped

Huge Turbo Supra on dyno

rb26 swapped 240sx drift build

Boosted Corvette

1000+ whp Audi s2

v8 Honda s2000 antilag

4 Rotor Mazda RX7 Big Turbo

Evo on Dyno and 2step

Drag Racing wheelie

RB26 240sx

RB32 Nissan GTR r33 Huge Turbo and Burnout

Big Turbo Camaro antilag

Turbo Noises Volvo 745

Turbo Honda s2000

TwinTurbo Viper

TwinTurbo Corvette


Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release]
Leased Beat, Produced by SuperStar O

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Author — BoostLust


Too many emojis and text, just let us watch

Author — The Maniac


You know, the overdosing of memes is not actually funny to be honest it’s just annoying just stop.

Author — ReducedCellz


I love the part when the text takes up half the screen

Author — Alexander Laycock


how much editing do you want?

Author — Bungis Gumbis


The editing reminds me of the Arabic memes

Author — Ewan McLean


-"How many annoying text and visual effects you want to put in this video?"

Author — Ale LGB


Yea turbo might provide enough air for 6000hp, but motor breaks long before that

Author — Gizmoriderful Ye


7:44 - 7:50 sounds like my laundry machine😂

Author — Insta: lautje070


4:08 you can cook a steak on that turbo

Author — Justin Kim


"That turbo could eat small objects lol"

Ya...any turbo can eat small objects.

Your edits made a good video turn to a dung video.

Author — CaptainDooDooButter


Airways impressed that these motors don't need diamond internals web they go into demon mode.

Author — Csyk


5:58 someone give more detail on the specs pls

Author — 15Deim


2:35 if you listen closely you can hear the exact moment when the driver says oh shit.

Author — Driftliketokyo34 Ftw


Is no one gonna talk about how the thumbnail looks reflected 😂

Author — Toddy G


3:24 extreme tuners are the best. They have built the fastest Evo and most important they are from Greece

Author — Ioannis Antonopoulos


Bro where did u go u haven’t posted in a year, u used to be one of my fav channels 🥺

Author — Hugo Barrio


4:30 thats like a race engine how fast its revs up

Author — Benedikt Werther


Yeah this thing has 6000hp the same way my gti has 10, 000hp

Author — J.A.G.


finally a v12 engine that has power to match its size

Author — Sir Savage the 21'st