10 INSANE Upcoming PS4 SINGLE PLAYER Games in 2018 (New Playstation 4 Single Player Games)

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10 INSANE Upcoming PS4 SINGLE PLAYER Games in 2018 (New Playstation 4 Single Player Games) 4.5

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In this video, we take a look at the 10 AWESOME Upcoming PS4 SINGLE PLAYER Games You SHOULD Be Excited for in 2018. Which game are you the most interested in? Do you have games we might have missed? Comment your thoughts on the 10 Upcoming PS4 Single Player Games Coming in 2018!

Games present in this list-


God of War

Days Gone

Detroit Become Human

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Metro Exodus

Code Vein

Darksiders 3

Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom

Kingdom Hearts 3

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It's not pronounced 'ex-odus'; it's 'exo-dus'.

Автор — Gaudia Certaminis


I love that these games are strictly single player, so they can focus more on gameplay and not making money off of disgusting multiplayer DLC and microtransactions.

Автор — Juan Correa


ace combat 7, ni no kuni 2 and monster hunter world

Автор — ninjammer726


Pretty sure I'm still one of the few people that don't give two shits about Kingdom Hearts

Автор — Naram-Sin of Akkad


The reason i have a PlayStation = alot of single player exclusives!

Автор — Christian Krag


exOdus?! Really?! You make some good videos man, but if you don’t know the word just google the pronunciation.

Автор — Piper Davis


death stranding goty 2018...the last of us part 2 goty 2019....cyberpunk 2077 goty 2077 (2020*) ☺☺☺

Автор — LORD AME0


"Darksiders 3 is a sequel to darksiders 2 and is the 3rd game in the franchise"
Genius 😂

Автор — deadzen


God of War got me so excited. Its the game than hooked me since ps2 era. The game made me love the ps consoles

Автор — Kaje Ralocse


you forgot red dead redmption2 & farcry5 & a way out & anthem & skull and bones & shadow of the colossus its trully insane games including the games in your video games trailers are so exited games like god of war & days gone & kingdome come deliverance & spider man & detroit become human & metro exoduse. complete your butifull videos and you ara a great yutube chanal thanks bro😍😘😘

Автор — مصطفى الكريطي


God of war, days gone, spider man is what i am excited for

Автор — Sameer gamer 4 life


ha ha Sony has The Best Exclusive Games meanwhile the failbox one X has No Exclusive Games😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор — Gamer Madden07


thats why the PlayStation will always step on xbox, its because the PlayStation has games

Автор — Everything


No No No Xbox is better we don’t need exclusives.. we just have the logo and the same franchises over and over and over and over again. Can’t wait for Halo 27, Gearz 18 and also Forzo 53!! All Hail Xbox Microsoft is my lord and savior yoo

Автор — Got EM


the mispronounced words in these videos are absolutely out of control. come on, man! good videos, but you gotta learn words!

Автор — thesvc2006


I am most excited for Days Gone, God Of War, Metro Exodus and Kingdom Come Deliverance

Автор — Ponds908


I'm sorry but where is shadow of the colossus? It's what gamers have been wanting for years.

Автор — Virtual Bones


I pray kingdoms come deliverance combat doesn't suck daily...

Автор — nicolas livio


I just finished both of the metros I can’t wait for the next now SO HYPED!

Автор — StressTes8383


Lies Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out 3018

Автор — MegaSaSoRi101