Underground Bare Knuckle Boxing in the UK

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Underground Bare Knuckle Boxing in the UK 4.5

Once regarded as something that happens exclusively in Guy Ritchie films and on gypsy sites, bare knuckle boxing is fast becoming a thriving scene in the UK -- the ultimate British bloodsport.

When Clive Martin embeds with the bare knuckle boxing elite, what he discovers is not dissimilar to Fight Club; IT technicians, builders, lifestyle coaches and even a solicitor, all throwing their unprotected fists into each other's faces. It's a subculture of honour, pride and violence.

As the UK prepares to play host to the first US vs UK bare knuckle title fight in 150 years -- the biggest event the scene has known since it went underground in the 19th Century -- Clive tries to find out if violence is a cause or effect for these angry young men.

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Anyone else find it hilarious that Gypsy Boy just hangs out with his friends, drinking Guinness, showed up late, and drunk, and still won the fight? Meanwhile the American fighter trained in wing chun and meditated for weeks, getting massages, only to get knocked out.

Author — BatmanBinSuparman


Most Brits are bare knuckle fighters after 7 pints and a few insults.

It's our culture m9

Author — Rob W


Just me that loves how this British lad from Newcastle with his beer belly absolutely ruined this bloke who was treating it like the most important fight in history 😂

Author — Luke Hanson


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Mac Goes Over Seas to Fight Underground

Author — g w


The referee is that Shaun bloke off scariest debt collector

Author — J Duffers


0:24 "For hundreds of years British men men have rammed their unprotected fists into each other bodies to decide who was the hardest of them all" Seriously?

Author — Cole Melville


I find Mr. Happy scarier as a happy person.

Author — D. Ryan


I give that older guy much respect, fighting guys half his age, and can definitely throw some good punches, even in the interview afterwards you can tell he's a bad ass, humble and well spoken, no shit talking...he just likes to fight, much respect...

Author — Frankie Basile


"It turned out that the sweet-talking, tattoo-sporting pikey was a gypsy bare-knuckle boxing champion. Which makes him harder than a coffin nail." 😀😀😀

Author — Chile Pepper


One day some poor bastard is going to randomly pick a fight with Mr Happy and end up in a coma.

Author — SEE YAI AYE


Oh my gosh, the bald eagle! Who calls themselves that. That cracked me up. That's not even patriotic, that's dorky AF. No surprise he's from Salt Lake.

Author — Alex Byars


Who else spotted the cameos from the other VICE-docs? Shaun and his self-harming friend from "Britain's Scariest Debt Collector" and the guy from the reoffenders doc?

Author — artisdying


at 26:34 is that Shaun from UK scariest debt collector video?

Author — Michal Vida


Did anybody else notice that "the scariest debt collector" from one of Vice's other documentaries was reffing the fight ? 😂

Author — Isaac Hayes


When I was a kid, I thought England was like "excuse me, sir",
but then I realized it's all "u wot m8".

Author — StereoDeth


is it just me or does the guy in the thumbnail look EXACTLY like mac from it's always sunny in philadelphia? 😂

Author — SammoKablammo



make an entire documentary to expose to the world that we do underground fighting.

Author — Just Me


Mr. Happy is definitely surpressing a lot of rage. 😂

Author — Tim Page


Russian football fans: I wanna beat up some westerners.

Bare knuckle boxer: Im about to end this mans whole career.

Author — JumpstyleTV


While I wanted my country man to win, u won it fair and square. Love and respect for the UK.

Author — Anonymous Devil Dog