Underground Bare Knuckle Boxing in the UK

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Underground Bare Knuckle Boxing in the UK 4.5

Once regarded as something that happens exclusively in Guy Ritchie films and on gypsy sites, bare knuckle boxing is fast becoming a thriving scene in the UK -- the ultimate British bloodsport.

When Clive Martin embeds with the bare knuckle boxing elite, what he discovers is not dissimilar to Fight Club; IT technicians, builders, lifestyle coaches and even a solicitor, all throwing their unprotected fists into each other's faces. It's a subculture of honour, pride and violence.

As the UK prepares to play host to the first US vs UK bare knuckle title fight in 150 years -- the biggest event the scene has known since it went underground in the 19th Century -- Clive tries to find out if violence is a cause or effect for these angry young men.

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Anyone else find it hilarious that Gypsy Boy just hangs out with his friends, drinking Guinness, showed up late, and drunk, and still won the fight? Meanwhile the American fighter trained in wing chun and meditated for weeks, getting massages, only to get knocked out.

Author — BatmanBinSuparman


When your mixed Irish/Geordie accent is so strong that even in an English documentary you need subtitles...

Author — T90ADAMS


who would win
1 american that trains everyday for months and has own personal Mr Miyagi as his trainer
1 drunk caravan boi

Author — ben monahan


Is that "The UK's Scariest Debt Collector" reffing the match?

Author — Limey Figdet


I find Mr. Happy scarier as a happy person.

Author — D R


When I was a kid, I thought England was like "excuse me, sir",
but then I realized it's all "u wot m8".

Author — StereoDeth


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Mac Goes Over Seas to Fight Underground

Author — g w


Irish guy ate the punches at first, got the muscle head to empty his tank then proceeded to finish him. Irish guy knows how to fight.

Author — paulusandronicus


i swear the british are perceived as poor, chavs or super posh nothing inbetween lol

Author — E X T C M U S I C 精英



make an entire documentary to expose to the world that we do underground fighting.

Author — Just Me


Mr. Happy is definitely surpressing a lot of rage. 😂

Author — Tim Page


"We've lost Gorgeous George."

Author — Phillip Cheese


Much respect for mr happy, what a lovely fella, takes a real man to admit that he felt scared his motivation for fighting, the inner struggles are the hardest to overcome .👍🏻

Author — Joe Wilkes


Turns up late in a taxi half asleep and full of guinness and floors a younger guy who's been training for months overseas...

Author — therecanbeonlyone _


Who else spotted the cameos from the other VICE-docs? Shaun and his self-harming friend from "Britain's Scariest Debt Collector" and the guy from the reoffenders doc?

Author — artisdying


I love how the Geordie lad needs subtitles.

Author — shabaz


"I was a criminal - smuggler, drug dealer...then i decided this is not the life and decided to become... an illegal fighter".

Author — Luis Lopes


This makes absolute total sense. Teeth being jacked around for generations.

Author — Swipe TheStones


0:24 "For hundreds of years British men men have rammed their unprotected fists into each other bodies to decide who was the hardest of them all" Seriously?

Author — Cole Melville


"THE OLD MAN POKED ME IN THE EYE" I think he left his finger inside your eye by the looks of it!!

Author — El Diablo