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This Week’s Good News | The Daily Social Distancing Show 5

This week’s good news: priests are using squirt guns, Chuck E. Cheese is at the center of a pizza conspiracy, and NASA may have discovered a parallel universe. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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💬 Comments on the video

Trevor should consider having his own clothing line of hoodies.

Author — Ms Mom


This lockdown has made me realize that I need to marry Trevor. Bye.

Author — Shiny


At 12:34 -- "A parallel universe where Trump hates Ivanka but wants to bang Eric". I shot coffee out of my nose on that one, and it hurts!

Author — Chris Adkins


you should do "Behind the scenes" at home as well. People send you questions and you answer some of them.

Author — mpefs


Someone should tell that priest that's not how drive-by's work.

Author — Joseph McNair


Just a spoonful of humor helps the tragedy go down, the tragedy go down, tragedy go down ....

Author — Liz de Lisle


Trevor Noah I'm still laughing the same way even when it's under lockdown. Man you killing it and you making it work even without an audience.

Author — Mlu Malevu


Americans : I'm not so worried about corona, I'll go to the beach, God's got me.
Priests : We are wearing masks and practice social distancing.

Author — Keshwi Sahani


Never did I imagine NERF to be a supplier of church equipment.

Author — Aaron Seet


The highlight of the week. Just love Trevor's accents, he has the largest range of any satirist.

Author — williamgeorgefraser


This show still being aired during the pandemic has taught me that you only need a few things to make an amazing show just like the Daily show and that anyone could do it. You need one couch, one camera, one laptop, and one Trevor.

Author — hhheddrrr


Where does he get all his colored hoodies?

Author — OJ Darren


The real question is how many hoodies does Trevor Noah own ?

Author — RAINQUEEN28


The blessing with the watergun is freaking epic. Drive by get a blessing and bounce.

Author — Trinity Holiday


Trevor is hilarious! I swear he's even funnier at home lol

Author — mizztotal


This guy is hilarious while still being responsive

Author — J' Lorenzo's life


LMAO!! 🤣 Love this guy!!! His reporting is so on point...with stories that one cannot make up, no matter how hard we tried!! S**t is crazy!!!

Author — Bridget Alicea


I love how Trevor Noah has a way of injecting humor into these very depressing days.

Author — Ann Martin Bowler


There isn't any 'good' news. Who'd have thought the day that america would finally become #1 in the world after decades of insisting on it that they're finally globally acknowledged as the #1 in coronavirus cases due to the same stupid population numbers that were capable of putting an idiot like trump in their own highest political office.

It's all just terrible. Simply terrible.

Author — Kaiser


I was homeless during the 2008 thing so I am saving every penny I can out of fear. Plus my job only lasts until March of 2021 and I don't know if they can hire me back on or I probably have to find another job. So I am going to keep saving these pennies.

Author — Nicolle Herr