How to Live Stream on Twitch.TV Using OBS! BEGINNER Streaming Tutorial! (2016/2017)

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How to Live Stream on Twitch.TV Using OBS! BEGINNER Streaming Tutorial! (2016/2017) 4.5

Learn how to setup a live stream using Twitch TV! This method will work for any streaming platform, YouTube Gaming, HitBox, DailyMotion, Facebook Live & more using OBS! (Open Broadcast Software) / Studio. This is a very easy tutorial that beginners can follow.

All you have to do is download OBS (Studio), find your stream code / key in the streaming platforms dashboard, and pasting that series of numbers and letters into the OBS settings.

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To be really honest I think the Steven community would want to see you do another thumbnail tutorial, we like how you make the thumbnails look cool but unique as well, and I think making an updated thumbnail tutorial could be a great way to communicate with your fans :)

Author — Cameron Melbourne


I've been here since 20k, remember me when ur huge :)

Author — John


Please do a tutorial
On how to put a gameplay scene on one monitor and a twitch and discord scene on the other

Author — Levi_Official_110


When I tried streaming with OBS, my voice was heard on the stream, but not my friend who I was communicating with on Discord. How do I fix this?

Author — CrackerHumps


steven, i press start streaming on obs but when i gone to twich tv it says i am offline i wanna go stream and where do we see ourr recordings

Author — Probably 167


For some reason I can never get my relay to work. Whenever I add the URL it gives me a preview of the website that its on and I can no longer see my game. How do I fix this?

Author — GetSmokedScrub


For a second i tought u were streaming lol :P

Author — Jurij Tič


hey its not working for me when ever i press record it says "starting the output failed please check the log for details note if you are using nvence or amd encoders make sure your video drivers are up to date"

Author — squash 101


really great.... buddy i realy enjoy your content

Author — Super Tech League


Very clear, Steven, but the first 5 minutes were not needed in my view. I just wanted to know where to find the key and how to paste it. But good job!

Author — The Splixer


Great tutorial! The only issue is I can't stream for some reason.

Author — MadMatthew


Great vid! I'm curious about minimum system requirements needed in order to stream smoothly?

Author — Kamz - Gaming


Thanks for the video Steven! I might start live streaming in the future ;-)

Author — HKGaming


dear steven,

I find many streamers that use obs, but im obs they have like, two screens and a transition button in the middle.
can you tell me how i can use that?


Author — atDavid


Now only if I had fast enough internet 😓

Author — David Kindlarski


thank you for this info with this imformation I got from you I can make my first live stream on twitch ^_^

Author — dragonflame771's computer technologys


this is sweet thank you i just started getting into this and I'm in ottawa :)

Author — Aurilion Sol


But do you need 2 monitors? Can you do it with 1?

Author — Alexis Dragontamer


Excellent video Steven, sadly this doesnt really matter to me as I dont LS xD

Author — Valvze


Can the game capture also capture the game sound while streaming?

Author — MalibuMason