Using a BROWSER to access Desktop Apps in DOCKER containers

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Docker is a versatile tool. It can be used for all kinds of applications including GUI based applications. Even more so, the apps can be rendered in such a way that they can be viewed within a browser!. In this video, we'll look at two ways to do just this.


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Absolutely great video, thanks so much.

Author — BarneyKB


Quick Fix for the Black screen bug:
Change the first line of the dockerfile to --> FROM ubuntu:18.04

No idea why this works, but Prunus says that its form the VNC client update.

Great Vid

Author — Thomas Sloan


Very good video! Is it possible to make a session/container per end user? Now there is only one instance of the application which is shared by all users that log in.

Author — Vincent


first of all, thank you so much for posting this video! I'm trying my own stack here, which is pretty much the same thing but the application is gnucash and just for testing, I'm not using a self signed cert. I'm able to see noVNC through the browser but the screen is black. I've tried ubuntu:latest, 18.04, and 20.04 and still the same thing. As far as the browser I've tried, chrome, firefox, ie11, the new edge. how can I get this to work?

Author — Avery Carty


Hi nice video thank for sharing but I have a question.Can you make xpra run off a web server instead of a local host

Author — Viking Ship 2021



I used ubuntu:20.04 and final versions of turbovnc and virtualgl. But after entering password in VNC I encountered black screen. after reading root/.vnc/log file this error was found:

GL Helper exited with code 512
GLES Helper exited with code 512
gnome-session-binary[33]: ERROR: Failed to connect to system bus: Could not connect: No such file or directory

How can I fix this error?

Thanks a lot

Author — Amirreza Karbaschian


Seem that it's doesn't work with wsl 2. Black screen result with no output error, as @Shawn Yarnell said. Anyway thanks for sharing the script.

Author — Prunus H


if there is a lot of people want to use the application at the same time and that people have different job in the same application, is it still work as well ?

Author — Wasesa Ahmad


Is the vnc/virtualgl dockerfile shared somewhere?

Author — Eric Covener


Will this work on Azure container instances?

Author — Ayan Mullick


can u send me the next video link where we use Kubernetes to deliver containerized desktop app to many users through browser

Author — Takieddine FELLAG


how to run a custom exe file thats in my machine

Author — Gowtama K


u drone on too much. like just the tone

Author — Kosmos