Greatest Trick Plays in Baseball History

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Greatest Trick Plays in Baseball History 4.5

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The first person that said "keep your eye on the ball" was on to something.

Author — Ron Mexico


I'm a little confused by this video as my only knowledge of baseball is from Wii Sports

Author — BBX22


5:13...I'd never seen that one, never heard of it...that was amazing. Just absolutely AMAZING.

Author — Ben Prewitt


Man I can't wait for baseball to start up again. Even though we're only getting a fraction of a season it's still baseball!!!

Author — ThunderHorse 555


Is it just me or dose the footage just get older and older

Author — Txviip Yep


All you can say about these. Are "GOT EMM"

Author — Mike Buck


5:12 He picked off the camera man! 😂

Author — Cooper Moss18


I can remember a Red Sox game in the Eighties--I don't remember the opponent--when Bill Buckner was the runner on first. The camera happened to be on him when he was just about to take a step off the base, and he suddenly stopped and grabbed the opposing first baseman's glove and looked in it to see if he still had the ball. He didn't, so Buckner proceeded to take his leadoff. He was a first baseman himself, and wasn't going to fall for that trick.

Author — Brad Filippone


Where is Steve Hamilton's 1974 pick off play at 1st where he got the save without throwing even 1 pitch? LOl

Author — BLU3Collar TRANCE


Video could've easily been called "when base coaches don't do their job"

Author — chase speer


Poor him...he only wanted a high five

Author — Probably A European


"It's the old trick!" --Maxwell Smart

Author — rackinfrackin


The baseball guys get all pissy when the "unwritten rules" get breached but are OK with douchebags pulling hidden ball

Author — David Powell


Well, no more bluff pitches. Thanks MLB.

Author — bmadden85


2:14 Counsell's face ...makes me crack up every time. I hate that dude since the 97 World Series.

Author — Medical Mutual


the second clip tho he must have a good eye to see his foot was of the baG... THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BOSSES

Author — DerwinBackup Backup


6:24 Tony Pena, i used to walk on in front of his house and sometimes saw him and his family seated at the front yard around 1996

Author — Inad Aicra


That's why you gotz to keep you eye on the ball!

Author — Adam Campbell


I'm surprised these tricks don't happen all the time in baseball, I never knew all this was allowed.

Author — 47imagine


Rule number 1. You do not step off the bag until you see the ball in the pitcher's hand. Base coach also not doing his job.

Author — Clint Murray