HATEGU - Stagajah (feat. Dr Wiz)

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

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💬 Comments

Wow still getting better everytime Stagajah. This song makes me think of home ❤

Author — Aloma Beverly Motamota


all this kinda bit is just something else ... love the song!

Author — Norah Tulem


Can't get enough of the song . Stagajah you ori mangi, I am your biggest fan because of this song ..

Author — Kaks Stret


Ah well Stagaja, it has been a while. Top song.

Author — Adam Mansan


Kain ol song....makim sense need lo play lo Olgeta FM station blo PNG .... too many nonsense music this DAYS..in PNG

Author — DRM


Stagajah na brad save makim ol singsing blo touchim soul blo mahn stret na kirapim spirit❤️

Author — DC Clyde


Pasin west mekim lewa blo mi lus lon Bialla ❤

Author — Winie Junias


Tok ples tumas yah listening from Down South Darwin stret brinim ples come klostu such a beautiful vibes it’s on repeat

Author — Alice Nanguhori


Tavile umala waulala eau hey lewa, eau masaga karim pig/bag na bu
rukim nambis osem mi bin promise Bialla ino longweii

Author — Cassey R Ragi


Ol kain song sawe, , , , vibratim yumi fm ya

Author — arthur lupa