Vertical BBQ - 13 Goat Legs Kebabs!!🔥MOST UNIQUE Iranian Food! | Baluchestan, Iran!🇮🇷

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Vertical BBQ - 13 Goat Legs Kebabs!!🔥MOST UNIQUE Iranian Food! | Baluchestan, Iran!🇮🇷 4.5

CHABAHAR, IRAN - For our final destination in Iran, we flew from Tehran to Chabahar, deep in the southern corner of Iran, near the border of Pakistan in a province called Baluchestan (Balochistan). We were treated to one of the most unique styles of bbq cooking I’ve ever seen, and the end product of the goat legs was astoundingly delicious! #Iran #Food #bbq

We had 3 full goats, which they chopped into pieces. The skewers were made from date palm frawns, strong and versatile, and they could hold up in the high heat of the fire. For the unique Balochi style of bbq, they first set up a fire in the desert using huge logs, and arranged the fire in rows. Next after preparing the meat, they and when the fire was ready, Chef stood each giant leg kebab upright in the sand with fire on either side. This allowed the fire to be hot, yet the heat was indirect, and it caramelized the fat and meat and melted it together. The end result of the goat was that it was crispy on the outside, yet juicy and fatty on the inside. Some of the best tasting goat I’ve ever had in my life. An amazing meal and incredible people to share it with.

This is a day in Chabahar, Iran, that I will never forget!

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Hope you are all safe and healthy. We traveled to Iran in Dec 2019, before the coronavirus outbreak. We are in Thailand now, social distancing, and staying at home. Thoughts and prayers to the people of Iran and around the world. Keep safe and let's all work together to stop the spread 🙏🙏

Author — Mark Wiens


Really it is most Unique. I don't know the taste of Iranian BBQ.

Author — Miss Anjiara Begum


Its heart warming to see the hospitality of Iranians to a foreigner. Without some stupid leaders, this planet will be a better place to live . Hats off Mark, ambassador of humanity .

Author — Felix Prasanth


Even though Mark had plenty of food, Mr. Taster still willingly gave him the best piece from his roast. Very humble man, I'd love to visit this country some day.

Author — nikolas macalma


I love the hospitality of these people. They literally hand feed their guests. So jealous right now! Gotta start travelling!

Author — mychitect


Iranians look like great regular people who just wants to enjoy life . Media always portray Iranians in a negative light . Thank you Mark for showing the positive side of Iran.

Author — OJ Compton


I am vegetarian, I don't know why i am seeing this video but I seen in video people's of Iran are very good in nature . 🇮🇷🇮🇳



Hey Mark, as an Iranian I'm very thankful that you show our culture nicely.I noticed you see every culture beautiful in this world.I believe it is because of your inside beauty.Where ever you are, I send my best regards to you and your lovely family🙋‍♂️🌹🌹.

Author — Fardis farshid


Here in kenya we say, " kula Kwa macho" let's eat with eyes😂



This is what life should be like: humans from everywhere connecting, having a good time. Thank you for sharing! Lovely people.

Author — KOLAZ TV


I like eating using the hands.its more satisfying to eat this way...😍👍

Author — Elizabeth Metteer


I had visited Iran in June 2019.. Great country with incredible heritage and very humble and nice people ☺ 🌸

Author — My Goa


I'm from Pakistani side of Balochistan. Divided by border but united by culture!

Author — شھران بلوچ


My good friend was from Iran
R.I.P. vegin I met his family wow what a bunch of wonderfull people so nice to meet nice honest people. God bless us all 🇺🇸

Author — Carl Worsoe


Mr Taster's laughter is the most hilarious..I think he most b remembered for his laughter than anything else

Author — ruku sharma


Me: sees the 3 goats alive in the start of the video.
Me: omg so cute
Few mins in goat dead. My eyes tear up a bit. Few more mins in the goats are now meat.
Me: yummy

Author — Black Empress


thank you very much for me as a balouch watching this was all joy and im so happy that you showed everybody our hospitality

Author — سعید لورد


Wow the chef looks like my childhood friend Omar from Pakistan 😍

Author — Queen Lady


Geez! Iranian are also that friendly! Great great great, Mr. Taster is a whole mood 😂 🤣 Mark I like your eyes when the food is yummy 😍 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

Author — Queenzy Quanz


Oh my word.Delicious. Cant wait for this bloody CoVid nonsense to end!! Got to check this place out.

Author — Neil Louwrens