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Hey everyone! In todays video ill be showing you my all time fave eyeliners and eyeliner brushes! Ill be showing you liner from Mehron, Sheen Cosmetics, Glisten Cosmetics and NYX. I hope you guys enjoy this video and be sure to let me know what video you'd like to see next!
Love you all! xxx

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i now have a code with Glisten Cosmetics! you can use code DOM20 for 20% off their liners (affiliate)

Author — Dominique Allison


Love this graphic liner look! It’s something I definitely want to get better at!

Author — Beauty By Brodie


I’m so happy I found your channel! just watched part 1 of your graphic liner series before this. can’t wait for more!

Author — Kyla N


I am obsessed with eyeliners, especially with graphic liners❤️. Girl I love your eyeliner look in the video, and you are very pretty. Please make more tutorial videos how to do graphic eyeliner looks in pastels and neon colors😍😍😍.P.S. I have just subscribed on your channel 😃. Keep up with doing makeup videos Dominique

Author — White Iverson


Ahhh I'm hesitating between sheen and glisten now haha! I tried water soluble liner in the past but could never clean the brush right so I had to give up cause everything was all dried up how do you keep your brushes in shape and how do you keep your liners from getting all dry and impossible to use ?

Author — L S


Thank you for this review because I have the Mehron Palette and love it! I want to try the sheen ones but only if you think they are better than the Mehron one.

Author — BlendByMari


I've used paint brushes just because thats all I had lying around and they're so good!

Author — Nisha Singh Corke


Here from IG - ur amazing !! can't wait for more in this series - i wanna b sick at it for Halloween 2021 so i'm practising now ! love from leeds xx

Author — Disposable.Loser


you're literally my fav your talent is amazing

Author — Emily Lezcano


Hi! Your channel came up in my suggestion feed. New sub. Really like this video. Currently watching at 1.20am lol, so will probably watch the other half later. I am really really new to makeup and have been looking for other UK makeup YT channels - now I’ve found one! ✨ 10:07 OMG! That’s so COOL! ⭐️

Author — Will Venus


Does makeup brush cleaner damage paint brushes?

Author — Jack Lombardo


Would be great if you would put the links in your box :)

Author — lulu4life


do you know where i can shop the sheen ones from spain? because the sheen cosmetics webpage only sells to the US and UK

Author — Iñaki Dueñas Otero


here from twitter!! so excited for your video!! (lemme go watch pt 1 after this)

Author — Lily Abreu


Mehron also sells smaller "cakes" of several colors in 1 pan that you can mix as you'd like, they're only $13 for 5 colors!

Author — Gracy Mora


Omg the way you explaining🥺🥺🥺iloveyou🥰🥰

Author — makeupbykusum


Thank you you are the first to say to not use on your waterline

Author — natalia gomez


I want to buy the mehron palette so bad but I heard that you can’t use the red orange and yellow colors on your eyes and blue and green on your lips so I don’t know if it be worth it

Author — Dominique Duval