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Learn more about the OnePlus X! Check out our full review at Pocketnow: /2015/11/11/oneplus-x-review-simple-beauty. (Full description below)

UPDATE: We claim a 1% per hour charge rate in the narration, folks. Obviously that's incorrect; what we mean is a 1% per MINUTE charge rate.

Take a look at any roundup of the best smartphones under $300 and you're bound to find a lot of compromise, particularly in industrial design. With its newest smartphone, OnePlus looks to change all that with a beautifully designed midrange smartphone offered at a very tempting price. We've spent almost a week trying to suss out whether the performance of the OnePlus X lives up to its pretty face – and the answer, as usual, is a mix of yes and no. For the full story, join us for our OnePlus X review video, and then check out the full OnePlus X review at Pocketnow!

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OnePlus X Review: Simple Beauty | Pocketnow


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Excellent review. Great way of revealing the phone and its features. I have hardly seen someone provide such a nice review of all the good as well as the bad things about the phone. Thanks a lot!
I'm looking forward for your review on the Yu Yutopia

Author — Aditya J


Nice review Michael as always. I have the One Plus X for over a week now your review is spot on. Only negative is the camera which is passable but perfectly adequate for general use. The camera app is easy to use which is a bonus (but no good for people after full manual control).

Author — cptwhite


After using all the flagships from the past year, I really love this phone. Battery gets about 4 hours of SOT. The build is top notch. And the storage is addressed by having all my apps on a 64gb sd card.

Author — Mikeithappen


This the kind of a review I want to see! Very good 9/10! You cover all the things I miss with MKBHD! I almost bought the phone, but now I see this would be a mistake! Thank you so much!

Author — Domen M


Exellent review Mr Fisher! I own a Oneplus X and i can agree with almost everything you had to say about it! But one thing: It was nice if you've mentioned that it required a Nano-sim. :)

Author — Marijn Molenaar


Would love to see a video comparison, between the One+ X &, the Idol 3. Two budget phones, equally priced @$250.00 with great Hardware & features.

Author — Shinobi797


simply a great review, gives you every details you are searching for, its like holding it in your hand

Author — X7


As always, awesome review Michael ! Thanks :)

Author — Lucien Bluewall


Excellent work Michael! You're really good. Do you ever think you'd ever have your own non-tech channel?

Author — Alex Smith


As always, captain2phones gives the best and most unbiased review!

Author — Shree Harsha V K


I'd love to buy the phone, but im wondering about one thing my OneplusOne had, and i definitely liked. AudioFX, or MaxxAudio
Is it featured on the OnePlus X ? Because i really want good sounds on my phone!

Author — Sjannie Sjeklucht


I really appreciate how you mention call quality! Although i love MKBHD reviews. i find that your reviews more in depth in certain aspects. people seem to forget call quality lmao which makes no sense. So thanks for always mentioning that in your reviews!

Author — Chaahat Dhawan


Although the 801 performs beautifully still, I'm a little concerned about the future proofing of it since it is 32bit. I know it probably doesn't change anything but it is something to consider.

Author — SpongeGoose


This is one of the best reviews of Oneplus X so far. Period.

Author — Varun


OnePlus x is beautiful, I wonder if they will ever support Sprint's bands though, same with OnePlus 2, such a gorgeous phone but no Sprint support :-/

Author — Mike Bird


Great review Michael Fisher, honest and concise.

Author — G0lden Hammer


The 801 is perfectly capable. The M8 is still a phone that's going hella strong these days despite being a year and a half old.

Author — Ryan Fletcher


i started the video and was planning to skip a lot of it since its a 8 min video however the info was well presented that i didnt even feel bored or feel the urge to skip/fast forward! +Pocketnow

Author — Ahmad El-Tahan


I think theyve missed a trick in allowing use of both on screen and capacitive buttons. May be a limitation of the software, but having a set of dedicated shortcuts on tap and long press as well as the on screen android standard controls sounds rather appealing.

Author — Lavender


Wow, I was disappointed with purchasing my LG G Flex 2 on Ebay for $250, then I got a invite for the Oneplus X a week later. I wanted the OPX phone for the size and the quality, but didn't want to compromise with phone signal and the camera. Good review!

Author — Patrick