All about VANCOUVER, my home

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All about VANCOUVER, my home 5

A local's guide to fun things to see and do in the Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia, where I live.



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“A beach in Canada, there’s not many of those”

*laughs in manitoba*

Author — UNSC Grasshopper


You must be born in Ontario dude, All those "abOOTs" sound just like a Southpark parody of Canadians.

Author — Paul McEwen


For non-Vancouverites or non-Canadians, this guy's accent is extremely puzzling to us as well.

Author — Alex Tollah


"Best weather in Canada"
Ahem, is Victoria a joke to you?

Author — Eric Buhne


Little known fact - the steam clock emits a tone that can only be heard by Asian tourists.

Author — Rick Drew


when he says that Vancouver is never cold, I look outside and there is a foot of snow lmao yeah sure buddy😂

Author — Sarapauli vG


oh wow, 5:13 I spotted myself in the blue coat with the glasses! I was on a school trip from Victoria! that's insane

Author — Defne Tanyer


“Vancouver isn’t that cold”

Hello from Calgary, where it snows anytime of the year except for July

Author — Vladislav Otradnov


Been to Vancouver several times. Most recently I went this summer for a few days to visit a friend. We did the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. It was really nice and free (if you're looking to avoid that $53 price at Capilano Suspension Bridge).

Author — Alouise


I love how this is basically just a 10 minute video roasting Vancouver.

Author — Aurelia Gray


I'm Canadian and I've NEVER heard a Canadian accent this thick

Author — joelaw13


I can tell you're a city kid because you find pleasure in just being in areas with large crowds of people on a Saturday night. This guy gets it

Author — ReasonableRadio


I went to Vancouver and the weed was really strong.. I was practically falling off the trails in Stanley park looking up at the trees

Author — Oblio Lepoint


“It rarely snows in Vancouver.” That’s what I don’t like about Vancouver, a wet and damp Christmas year after year.

Author — ArcticoFolf


Never knew how fascinating it is to see places on YouTube that I see every day on my way to work. LOL.

Author — Gautham Prasad


I went to Vancouver a decade ago and can't wait to go again!! I can never have enough of Canada, such a great country. See you soon!!

Author — Tim Summers


i visited Vancouver 30 years ago; My impression then was that it was thhe most beautiful city in the world.

Author — White Stream


Me: haha I know those buildings!
Also me: lives in FRICKIN Vancouver

Author — Keiran H.


"Never goes below 0 even in the winter" LOL so I was just imagining the last few weeks. Gotcha

Author — Elias Turner


PSA: Instead of Capilano Suspension Bridge you could have gone to the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge. It's a 15 minute drive from Capilano, plenty scary (for those scared by suspension bridges), and is free.

Author — Patrick Devine