Race to become UK PM: Boris Johnson exclusive interview - BBC News

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Race to become UK PM: Boris Johnson exclusive interview - BBC News 2.5
After facing days of criticism for avoiding media scrutiny - Boris Johnson, who's running against Jeremy Hunt to be the next Prime Minister and Tory leader - has spoken exclusively to the BBC.

He says he would ensure a plan to deliver Brexit by the end of October - declaring the political landscape both in the UK and the EU has changed.

But, Mr Johnson admitted he would need EU cooperation to prevent both a hard border in Ireland, and tariffs on British business if there were no deal with the EU.

Asked about the widely reported incident in the early hours of Friday morning at the flat he shares with his partner - Boris Johnson said it was simply not fair to talk about his family and loved ones.

He's been interviewed by the BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

Tomorrow, we will have an interview with Jeremy Hunt, the other candidate in the Conservative Leadership Race.

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Hi BBC. This is the internet. In here there is no time limit here that you need to abide by and therefore you do not need to edit down the interview to fit into said timeframe. The taxpayers have paid for this interview, please release it.

Best regards,

Author — MMAoracle


Dude has row with girlfriend neighbours call press then police boris refuse to talk about it why because its his right to keep his private life bloody private

Author — Grunk


You're not even clever with the edits... it's like you value the opinion of the interviewer more than Boris. Wasted video.

Author — Christopher Aitch


Can we have the full uncut interview rather than this cut mess?

Author — SMX11FOX


Good grief, the BBC get an exclusive interview and amid all the accusations of bias, they think 7 minutes of heavily edited content wrapped in a 3 minute BBC monologue is the right way to present this?

Author — Martyntd5


The only uncut part of this interview is her mindless rant at the end

Author — Oliver Hill


Typical soundbyte cutting instead of playing the full interview...

Author — Obi Ade


Absolute disgraceful editing. Let’s see the whole interview that WE paid for.

Author — Stacker Noob UK


As I paid for this interview, I want you to release the unedited version.

Author — Kula_lala


Disgraceful interview. Everyone as a personal life! Let the man do his job. This was an attack by the BBC, not an interview. I am sure the interviewer has more personal issues than Boris. Foolishness!

Author — Tivere Stephen


This is what people call "journalism" nowadays?

Author — Brando Crispim Vieira


What is the name of woman? Interviewee,
She is just attacking him.

Author — Kim Hyerim


Look at this editing bias can’t we get a clean interview so we can make up our OWN MINDS!

Author — mycool boss


Oh Laura. Can we go back to when journalists were interviewers who asked open questions, instead of wannabe interrogators and 'star of the show'?

Author — cliffwhite2812


JEEZ THE UK NEEDS MORE THAN LUCK, he just ‘babbles’ and ‘babbles’

Author — Chris Funky


Well done MSM you've made me like Boris Johnson.

Author — superflewis


This was definitely an interview with an agenda. Laura's mission was to undermine him and make him look foolish but really she's the one who looks like a jerk at the end.

Author — Hopeful M


Comments: "BBC is biased". kk, I'll just trust the other news sources owned by people just like you and me with no political agenda such as:
Lord Rothermere, a billionaire living in France, owns the Mail, Mail on Sunday, and the Metro.
Rupert Murdoch, a billionaire US citizen, owns the Sun, Sun on Sunday and is the man behind Fox News, BSkyB, News Corp, etc, etc.
Alexander and Evgeny (son) Lebedev, an Ex KGB Russian Billionaire, owns The Independent, Independent on Sunday, The Evening Standard.
Richard Desmond, a billionaire, did own the Daily Star, Sunday Star, Daily Express, Sunday Express. Now owned by Reach (previously known as Trinity Mirror).
David and Frederick Barclay, billionaire brothers living on a private island near Saark, own the Telegraph, The Spectator, and the Business.

Author — John Smith


Since 2008, I have lost faith in BBC, not really a fair news channel at all, so politicallly correct, no human sense at all!!!

Author — Z


Everyone complaining about the interview/interviewer, but some of his answers are so generic and vague that it inspires no confidence at all.

Laura was right when she said "you have to tell people HOW you will do it". That's why the whole process has been a mess. People in power that it will all just fall into place the way they want it.

Author — Hus