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Follow along with Charlee Atkins, founder of Le Sweat, for a 16 minute HIIT workout that is perfectly safe to do if you have low back pain. You'll hit 4 rounds of heart-pumping cardio moves that can all be made 100% low impact if jumping isn't your thing today. Get ready to feel strong all over!

Join us all month long for bodyweight HIIT workouts with Well+Good all-star trainer, Charlee Atkins. Visit our channel every Monday morning for a new video with Charlee, and you'll notice that you're feeling stronger, more energized, and (most importantly) that you're looking forward to your workouts every day!
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Please get more of these lower back friendly workout, this was absolutely amazing!

Author — Shreya Yadav


Love these low impact hiits, they are awesome and also this trainer. Well good thanks for bringin such a good content!💜

Author — Sawira S


Love the tips/cues on sumo squats and the move itself. I’ll be borrowing during the next group class I teach. Really great cues to help participants improve their sumo squat form…and protect their back better

Author — Caleen Sullivan


absolutely love charlee!! My favorite trainer ever!

Author — 1024specialkay


Jumping with low back pain? Not recommended.

Author — Véronique Nadeau